Concerns for the future

I write today about three weeks before the mid-term elections with grave concerns regarding our future and well-being as Americans. The federal government in Washington is extremely partisan and divisive.

They and the elite media would like us to believe that we the people are divided to the same degree.

I disagree. Here in West Virginia on Nov. 6, we will be selecting three members of the U.S. House and one U.S. senator, along with many other state and local officials.

Each day I faithfully read three newspapers and watch TV news but still it is difficult to know exactly where the national candidates stand on the major issues as both sides omit specifics and continually bombard us with generalized platitudes, promises and derogatory comments on their opponents. I propose here, that we the voters press the candidates to reveal exactly how they stand on the major issues of our time as enumerated below:

• The tax cuts and deregulation, which has stimulated a growing economy with jobs for all socio-economic groups.

• The re-do of our trade agreements to help level the play field for the U.S.

• Open borders versus vetting immigrants as provided by law.

• Abolishing ICE as some Democrats are advocating.

• Sanctuary cities — To harbor illegal immigrants some of which are felons.

• Altering the U.S. Constitution — The Second Amendment and the electoral college.

• Socialism — The trash heap of failed governments is piled high with socialist economic policies.

• Impeaching the president — Without any legitimate constitutional justification.

• Abortion on demand/planned parenthood and taxpayer funding for same.

• Environmental issues — Climate change, air and water protections.

• Social Security and Medicare — Maintaining these without financially raiding them like was done to the tune of $750 billion from Medicare to jump start Obamacare.

• Rebuilding the military — Peace through strength, crushing ISIS, etc.

• Policing ANTIFA, BLM, ACORN and other anarchist groups. Winston Churchill warned us seven decades ago when he said, “The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists.”

Jim Marsh