Experienced judge seeks Supreme Court seat

I am voting for the Honorable Christopher Wilkes to the Supreme Court in the state of West Virginia.

I am so proud to say my brother-in-law, Chris, for the 34 years I have known him, has been a hard-working attorney, loyal to his family and to the people in the tri-county of the eastern panhandle serving Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan counties.

He was elected to the Circuit Court in 1992 and has served as Judge and Chief Judge for the largest circuit court division in the state of West Virginia.

I have seen him happy after presiding over an adoption or a wedding and anguish having to witness the devastation of a whole family when he has to convict a person for their crime.

He is lenient when he thinks a person needs one chance to make a better decision for a change of life and strict when this chance is taken lightly.

Judge Wilkes is fair in his decisions and is the best qualified to serve our people as Judge in the Supreme Court in West Virginia.

Judge Wilkes has 25 years as Circuit Judge experience in the tri-county area. He administers the largest court system in the state with efficiency and concern for the taxpayer’s dollars.

Chris is Chairman of the West Virginia Business Court Division, past chairman of Youth Services Committee of Court Improvement Board, and a member of the Juvenile Justice Commission and State BAR and so much more.

Please Google “Chris Wilkes for Supreme Court” for his full list of accomplishments.

Please vote for Chris Wilkes for Supreme Court. He has more judicial experience than his nine opponents combined.

Mary Alice Bowers