Hoping to breathe new life into Barbour County

Cindy Hart is running for a seat on the Barbour County Commission. Thank God!

While campaigning in the communities, Barbour County, I have been hearing about the need for a change in leadership and membership of the Barbour County Commission. The main concerns are inertia and lack of responsiveness to community-wide issues. I have chosen to support Cindy Hart because of her extensive experience and “getter done” approach to the welfare of Barbour County citizens.Cindy is the CPR that we need to revive the Barbour County Commission from it’s flat-lined state.

Mrs. Hart has been a committed public servant and leader in our county for 35 years in Emergency Medical Service. Cindy and her husband Mike have three sons, and seven grandchildren, who live in and visit Barbour County, so she has a serious stake in our county’s future. She has learned what it takes to move Barbour County towards a positive future — a well-connected, drug free, prosperous, forward moving county that grows and hangs on to the best of the best. She has successful experience in harnessing money for the issues facing the citizens of Barbour County.

In her service as a community leader, Mrs. Hart has had the opportunity to advocate and negotiate for Barbour County residents. Her education and experience provide Cindy with the foundations to make the right decisions as a Commissioner for Barbour County. She knows the residents of Barbour County — having run our back roads, sat in our living rooms, calmed us in crisis, carried us to safety, driven us to health care, breathed life into our lungs, stopped the bleeding and saved our lives. There is no one more qualified to do the same for our government from a seat on the Barbour County Commission.

As commissioner, Cindy Hart’s vision for Barbour County is three-fold:

∫ Common Ground from Many Voices: Establish a county-wide communication network to gather input and listen to concerns and ideas from every community in the County. Reach common ground to create County priorities from that input. “The people who know what’s best for Barbour County are the people OF Barbour County!”

∫ Commission Accountabilility: Develop a governing system of accountability to include transparency. “A system of continuous accountability will encourage citizens to participate and collaborate in the decision-making of the County’s business.”

∫ Common Ground: Through a county-wide system of communication, all communities — big and small — will help to establish County priorities-such as opioid drug problems, county infrastructure (roads, water project development and maintenance, internet service and cellular service) for ALL of Barbour County.

Cindy Hart hopes to breathe new life into Barbour County and jump-start the responsiveness of county government. As an EMT and leader in Public Safety, she’s developed the temperament, to see her vision for Barbour County become a reality. Her unassuming and non-judgmental manner invites every citizen to speak up and be heard. Her take-command posture helps her to manage even the most difficult of opposition to the county’s priorities. Her experiences, education, dedication and effectiveness are what make Cindy Hart an outstanding choice for Barbour County.

To learn more about Cindy Hart, visit her Facebook page.

On Nov. 6, vote for Cindy Hart for the Barbour County Commission.

Virginia McNeil