Reader is elated by election results

Democrats have just won control of Congress for the first time in eight years. It was a long and hard-fought battle. A gracious and humbled individual would show respect and tenderness in their victory and not mock their opponents’ defeat.

I am NOT going to be that person today.

In your face, Trumpcakes! Democrats are in the house! Mwahahaha!

But back to seriousness now. Don’t let Trump or anyone else try to fool you about how big this Democrat victory truly is. Trump has already said that these midterms were a big win for him, but honestly that just makes him sound daft!

Sure, sure, the Republicans still control the Senate and get to keep shoveling one problematic judge after another through without due process.

But with Democrats even in one branch of government, it will be enough to provide the much-needed checks and balances on Trump that were woefully missing for the last two years. Think Obamacare is going to get repealed in the near future? If it proved far more difficult for them to do that in 2017, when they controlled all three branches, then it will undoubtedly be impossible now! If Trump and the Republicans (especially McConnell) cannot have control in even one part of the House, then they might as well not have control in any of them!

With Democrats in control of Congress, that means they will be in control of the Oversight Committee, meaning they can look into Trump all they want! Remember those dozens of investigations into Hillary Clinton? Apparently no less than three were opened up last year alone (and shockingly you do not hear anything about Republicans finding something horrible to pin on her, and yet Mueller has found a huge pile of stuff that puts Trump on shaky ground with just one investigation. Funny that, huh?). Well, consider this as a long overdue dose of karma, because a Democrat-controlled Congress can open up all of the investigations they want!

You Trumpcakes keep saying that eight years of President Obama was pure hell, but the way I see it, you didn’t lose a single thing. We, the progressives, the dreamers, the marginalized, did lose and hurt from the two years of Trump. Now it’s time for him and his enablers to actually face some consequences.

We won and our goal is to tear Trump’s wall down! Deal with it! Ha!

Edward S. Brenwalt