How you can learn from the other side

Republicans take note. The Democrats have taken control of the House and the first day they take action to push their agenda.

What did you accomplish in the two years that you controlled the House, the Senate and the White House? Let me tell you. You passed a tax reform bill — that is it. Do you wonder why you lost the House? Do you have to ask why you couldn’t turn out the Republican voters to maintain control of the Congress? Learn from the Democrats! Actually do what your constituents voted you into office to do.

Rino, establishment anti-Trump Republicans caused the loss of the election and the problems our president is facing today. The wall funding should have already been in place. It should have been one of the issues you dealt with the first day you had control in 2016.

Why wasn’t the complete repeal of Obamacare the first order of business when you took control? Do you remember what the voters put you into office to do? Do you remember the Trump rallies? Learn from the Democrats, don’t waste time in promoting your agenda!

What about defunding Planned Parenthood, enforcing our existing immigration laws, and supporting our President’s “make America great again” trade agreements? God gave you an open door in 2016 to fulfill many promises to the American people. What did you do with this opportunity? I will tell you, nothing.

Watch what the Democrats do for the next two years, maybe you will figure out how to win back the confidence of your constituents.

Republicans, when you face stalemates and the inability to further your agenda, don’t blame the Democrats! You created this monster. Your ineptness to do what your voters sent you to Washington to do has brought our government to a standoff. Republicans, you are to blame for this! We can only hope that in 2020 we gain control once again and the Republican leadership will actually do what the have been sent to Washington to do.

Republicans, watch and learn. The Democrats are showing you how to get things done in Washington. Republicans, you better develop a backbone, stand with the President against the Democrats for the next two years or America may be living with another socialist president in 2020.

Mike House