Contaminated drinking water a modern tragedy

I recently read an article that said that all drinking water in the USA is contaminated with polyfluoroalkyl substances, PFAS for short. These chemicals leach into the soil from discarded plastics, and are found in 98 percent of all Americans.

My only hope is that someone with the means to carry out my plan reads this article and decides to donate their money to it rather than leave their money to some foundation that will use it to enrich their board members’ salaries.

Glass bottling must come back, it is so obvious, we just need people with the means necessary to donate or better yet invest, invest in saving the planet. Bring back jobs in the bottling and glass industry. We must stop making plastic bottles!

Even if you don’t take the poisoning of our children into consideration, think of the landfill space that would be saved.

Think of the island of plastic the size of Virginia that floats in our oceans, seeping out its poisons year after year.

I think back to that 1970s commercial with the American Indian looking at a landfill and a tear rolls down his face, that is the sentiment I’m trying to get across to everyone.

I’m so frustrated that I do not have the money to implement my dream, my only hope is that someone will read this and decide to make a difference.

Timothy Simmons