Healthcare workers eased father’s passing

My dad, Richard (Coach) Walden was treated numerous times at Davis Medical Center Emergency Center in 2018 prior to his passing there on Dec. 12.

On Dec. 12, the physician treating him was at his bedside with me so that he was cared for and comforted until his last breath. The previous day my dad was cared for by another compassionate physician and a young RN who was our angel those two visits.

Earlier in 2018, when my dad had an “out of his head” reaction to a new medicine, a team of nurses kept him as quiet as possible until another medication could take effect and he could be admitted.

Many of those who helped him in those last few months I did not know by names, only by their faces. Without their kindness my dad’s final illness and ultimate death would have been more agonizing for him, for my mother and for me.

The Elkins area is lucky to have such a dedicated, kind group of medical professionals.

Barbara Walden Tyre