Reader: Too much wasted by officials

In this paper, the city officials are trying to decide how to spend the 1 percent tax. There was $474,413.37 collected in five months.

The city streets are in need of paving. Harrison and Randolph need attention. Davis Street, the road at the end of Georgetown up to Woodford Oil, this section has been bad for close to five years. From Elkins Middle School to where it starts over the flood control has been bad for years. There are several others with holes in them like Dent Street. But as in the past, I believe I feel they will waste it or give it away in some kind of bonus to someone.

And the other issue is the excessive levy. Devono has come up with an asinine plan to put turf on ball fields and tracks, which I can’t see how this will help education in any way. Nine hundred thousand to provide funds for school safety as well as funds for band, music, art and theater programs. Five million to lay turf on football fields, basketball courts, new bleachers, new turf for EMS, Elkins High School soccer and baseball fields.

The teachers went on strike last year regardless of how many people it hurt. They were given what they asked for. Mothers and fathers had a hardship finding childcare during the strike. Also the old people it hurt — doing without medicine, food, heat. There are people who get less than $500 per month. The teachers and Devono claimed it was for the good of the student and for education. That is a lot of ——–.

Back in the 1960s, Division of Highways employees went on strike for a better wage. But lots of them were fired. What was known as a flower fund was held out of their checks. I’m told they had no say one way or another. I went to work for the DOH in 1974 at less than $3 per hour.

The last two levys that were passed, taxes went up. So will taxes go up if Devono and the school board get their way?

Taxpayers and voters better think. There are thousands of dollars in food trashed each year. The money that’s wasted could do a lot for the upkeep of area schools. Most taxpayers feel the outlying schools are let run down just so they can be closed. The school board thinks it’s cheaper to buy buses, fuel, insurance, tires and the upkeep than to keep the schools in good shape.

Take a look at Homestead School. It was leased, I am told, for $1 a year and was to be kept in good condition. Boy, was that a joke.

So, I urge everyone to vote no on the levy.

Robert Phillips