Remember, we get what we pay for

We get what we pay for. If we pay nothing — we should expect nothing. So if the school levy fails and we hear comments that Randolph County students are not meeting expectations — well that is what we expected.

We elect the Randolph County Board of Education. Their job is to evaluate our school facilities, teaching programs, student needs and student achievements. They compare our schools to other schools and trends in education.

Working with the superintendent, teachers and students, the board looks at the needs of the School system. The proposed school levy is the result of their efforts to have a first class school system throughout Randolph County.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated, forward thinking, hardworking Board of Education. Trust them! They have asked the hard questions, reviewed the background information and formulated a plan as outlined in the school levy.

Their kids are in the school system. The board members pay taxes and live on a personal budget. Trust them!

Randolph County is unique. We have more square miles than any other county in West Virginia — one of the largest counties on the entire U.S. east coast. Providing education throughout the county is a challenge. The county is too big for a consolidated high school, middle school and/or grade school. Therefore our education costs are higher than other counties. We need a school levy not just to remain competitive — but to excel.

Vote Yes for the school levy. Or vote no — but don’t ever complain about the education provided to our Randolph County students. We paid nothing — then we expected nothing.

Mark Doak