Far-out agendas of far-left liberals

For some time now, the far left liberals have began to show the disgusting and sometimes incredible agendas they represent, and it has gained momentum the last two or three months as each of the approximately two dozen Democrats has announced they are running.

Not only are some of them running on their hatred for all things conservative and the Republican Party, they hardly ever miss a chance to get on CNN and MSNBC (who run non-stop around the clock) to get their recharge of free publicity so they can go on lying another few days. There are also several daytime talk shows, staffed mostly by clueless liberals who hate the Republicans because it’s what they’ve been taught. They are more than glad to allow the liberal hatemongers on their shows to try to win over their main audience, which is stay-at-home moms and dads.

The press keep pounding on President Trump all day long, and although I can’t prove it I believe they are doing it to keep from reporting on the devilish shenanigans of the Democrats. How many times has Sean Hannity said, “You won’t see this on any other channel”? I’m pretty sure he said it more than once. Bill O’Reilly used to say it too.

I’ll give one example and stop there. The (non) scandals in Richmond. The governor is still in office. The lieutenant governor is still in office. The state AG is still in office. They’re not going anywhere. Not a word from the press in over a week. That proves to me, at the least, camaraderie between the press and the Democratic Party. Just as it was with Hillary Clinton, you can throw a truckload of mud at these deceivers of trust and it slides off faster than you can throw it. I’ll keep my mud to myself for now. It’s too valuable to waste on those people.

Harold Arbogast