Reader: Climate change is natural

In a recent article I read it stated that man only effects less than 10 percent of the total variables that change climate, the other 90 percent is attributed to natural factors.

While I still think we should do our best to make our world a better place to live, these nuts saying the world is going to end in 12 years unless we quit riding in airplanes and kill all the cows are absurd.

The earth has been experiencing climate change for billions of years.

It is natural, and the only way to keep temperatures stable is to remove nature from the equation, which I think the liberals and socialists believe they can do by adding a program to our already bloated government.

The earth has been going through cycles of slowly heating up and then cooling for billions of years, we have to learn to adapt to the changes and spend more on innovation instead of wasting money and time arguing about inconsequential topics.

If you stand in Washington D.C. and throw a rock, then you will undoubtedly hit at least three useless expenditures.

We have some incredibly bright people in the world, so let’s all spend our time and money on alternative power sources, updating our power grid, saving our oceans and wildlife.

These are some “real concerns” that everyone can agree on.

Timothy M. Simmons