Will Trump spark moral revolution?

There’s only one way to describe the mainstream media; vile, disgusting and flagrantly dishonest. Nothing proves my point better than the Jesse Smollett ruse. When Smollett’s alleged attack went public, he immediately became the mainstream media’s darling. After all, his story had it all, and it fit the media’s homosexual narrative.

It had everything, a MAGA hat, a rope, a noose, two Trump supporting, “White Supremacists” chanting “This is MAGA country,” a black homosexual attacked for no apparent reason other than being the ideal target for Trump’s homophobic followers.

Like a cat pouncing on a mouse, the media jumped on it with both feet. In their mind, it was a textbook example of Trump’s homophobic, racist, MAGA supporters. However, there was a problem. Within a few hours, Smollett’s story began to unravel. There was no noose, no MAGA hat, no Trump supporters, and no attack. It was all a lie.

There was, however, a video of two men purchasing rope, a receipt, a plain red hat and several other items used in Smollett’s charade.

At this point, you’d think the media would apologize for their false accusations and rush to judgment. You’d think that, but it never happened. Instead, they jumped to Smollett’s defense.

The media even went as far as claiming Smollett was “framed” by the Chicago PD. So, what’s going on in the mainstream media, and why would they jump to Smollett’s defense? By now, it should be obvious. They were protecting one of their own. That’s right, one of their own. The mainstream media is packed to the rafters with homosexuals.

Could it be the possibility of Trump sparking a moral revolution? In spite of the media’s dishonesty and bias, it will happen, and it’s entirely their fault. America is fed up with their “In Your Face” attitude, the constant flood of lies and the relentless attacks on moral America. As the statistics show, homosexuals aren’t the driving force they appear to be.

The current U.S. population is 328,271,953, with a piddling 4.5 percent making up the homosexual community, a very long way from being a majority. The mainstream media is fighting for its life, and they know it. Each time they launch an attack against President Trump, his support grows.

By 2020, Trump will easily walk all over any of left-wing, socialist dimwits on 2020’s list of presidential candidates.

With people like Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden running, it will be a clean sweep for Trump.

In the words of the A-Team’s Hannibal Smith, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

R.L. Brooks