Political supporters or brain-washed cult?

Is there anything more cult-like than the heartfelt belief that Trump is the obvious choice? Trumpcakes, no matter what has happened in the last two and a half years, seem completely incapable of accepting the reality in front of them. Only Trump’s base could be so delusional and determined to ignore the cold hard facts in order to say, “Democrats are pure evil. Only Trump is the ultimate good!”

Really? You honestly expect us to buy into the idea that Trump is the obvious best choice?

It seems like all he did for the last two and a half years was declare the free press as the enemies of the people; stirred hatred and violence within his followers; terrorized immigrant; tore children from their parents for no crime other than being not-white; tried to repeal millions of people’s health care without anything to replace it with; threw tantrums when Congress refused to give him what he wanted; shut the government down for nothing; failed to stop gun violence; failed to do anything about the opiod crisis; failed to bring back coal jobs; deregulated environmental protections; gutted every branch of government that he and his cronies could; stole a Supreme Court seat;; ignored the suffering of millions of Americans in Puerto Rico; declared an unconstitutional national emergency to build a wall that a majority of U.S. citizens don’t want; passed a tax bill that gave more money to the super rich and leaving the rest holding the check; set the economy onto a course that will inflate our deficit over a trillion dollars (that’s 12 zeros, everyone); got us into a trade war with China; ; ignored climate change at our own peril; withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal; had secret conversations with Russian President Putin; failed to show respect for the dead and grieving; disregarded the danger he put people in with his rhetoric; obstructed justice; destroyed every presidential norm such as honor and integrity; embarrassed us on the world stage with our allies; and, least we forget, he golfed more often than President Obama did in his first two years.

If you look at all of that and say, “Yeah, I’ll vote for him again/this time.” then I have some bad news: You’re in a cult.

I highly recommend seeking help.

Edward S. Brenwalt