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We want to hear from you

November 6, 2013 - Matthew Burdette
One of the many functions of a local newspaper is to be the voice of the community. That's why we want to hear from you. The best way to voice your thoughts on local happenings is to write a letter to the editor. Below are our basic guidelines for letters. We value our readers' opinions, and hope to hear from you soon. ——— • Submissions: Must include name, signature (on hard copies), address and phone number for verification or they will not be considered for publication. • Frequency: Once every 30 days from the same person. • Length: About 500 words. • Editing: All letters become the property of The Inter-Mountain and are subject to editing. The Inter-Mountain reserves the right to decline to publish letters. The Inter-Mountain does not publish open letters, only letters addressed to the editor. • Be factual: Personal attacks, libel, lies and distortions will not be published; persuasive, rational arguments supported by facts and figures are best. • Be legible: Use regular punctuation, indent paragraphs, use upper and lower case, single space between lines and paragraphs. Do not use all bold, all caps or all italics. • Be realistic: While all letters to the editor are considered by the editorial board, submitting a letter to the editor does not mean it will automatically be printed. Generally, letters are printed in the order they are received and usually appear in about seven days of being received at The Inter-Mountain’s main offices. • Email: Via The Inter-Mountain’s Virtual Newsroom at • Mail: Letters to the Editor, c/o The Inter-Mountain, 520 Railroad Ave., Elkins, WV 26241. A return address must appear on the envelope or they will be discarded. • Fax: 304-636-8252. Please put ATTN: Letter to Editor on each page.


Article Comments

Dec-19-14 4:49 PM

You’re still free to loathe corporations, government bureaucracy, political parties, mindless pop celebrities, snobs, tyrants, degenerates, fanatics and all other manner of detestable life-forms with which we’re obligated to share this planet.

Dec-19-14 4:48 PM

Reject what you can’t tolerate, then seek out everything that delights and improves you.


Dec-19-14 4:11 PM

much as i expected when i posted over a month ago in a paper that won't even let someone read more than a line of an "online" news story; this is not a blog that is managed by a living soul. it was put up to satisfy some editorial or ownership mandate - not to be responded to. letters to the editor that are read by the editor are one thing - letters ignored widely are useless. good job, intermountain.

Nov-01-14 2:12 PM

Letters to the editor educate and help change the minds of readers. Editors often make decisions concerning news coverage based on letters they receive about an issue.

Nov-01-14 2:12 PM

Politicians watch letters to the editor closely, as a way to gauge public sentiment on issues.

Nov-01-14 2:11 PM

Letters to the editor is great way to bring attention to issues in the community.

Nov-01-14 2:10 PM

Getting a letter published accomplishes several things: When one of my letters is published my viewpoint reaches a wide audience.

Nov-01-14 2:10 PM

I am allowed to share a viewpoint or an issue with the audience that may have either not been covered in the newspaper or may have been covered differently than it should have been.

Nov-01-14 2:09 PM

A letter to the editor also serve as a good way to add in a point or provide a different way to think about a topic.

Nov-01-14 2:08 PM

It furthers the perception that the topic in question is important to the public and deserves more attention from the newspaper in the future. It can also further the perception that an issue is supported or opposed by the public.

Nov-01-14 2:08 PM

It increases the chance that other difference-makers in the community are aware of the issue.

Nov-01-14 2:07 PM

Elected officials are particularly noted for their sensitivity to letters to the editor.


Oct-31-14 2:57 PM

At least other WV newspapers allow you to read a portion of the articles; and the others will allow you to freely read two (your choice which two)for a day.

Your readers are going elsewhere for the news. Wake up!


Oct-31-14 2:55 PM

I don't believe you. If this were true, you'd allow the more important WV State's "political" articles to have a place to opine! You do not!

The WV NEWS is where you 'allow' our Governor and our legislators to voice 'their' views, opinions without having to bare the repercussions of their bad policies by NOT allowing their constituents and YOUR readers the opportunity to discuss the issues they get the freedom from your paper to voice. So....where's OUR freedom to do the same???

I sense a bit of 'protection' for our state representatives from your paper. Media is a joke as transparent as the jokes in our legislature today. The 'people' can clearly see the bias, the protection, the apparent intolerance of others' views/opinions of both!


Oct-31-14 2:40 PM

here's a comment. you do not allow someone browsing in to see more than a single paragraph of any item in your paper. hmmm, i can't find another single paper that does that. everyone allows people to browse an occasional item of interest and it drives traffic to sites. you don't. seems you don't want people to view this web site. having been born and raised in Elkins, i have occasional interest in seeing articles. i look in other regional papers.


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