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Bowe’s actions deserved punishment

August 29, 2016 People have the right to speak freely in the United States, even when what they say is repugnant to others. more »»

New program offers much to parents

August 29, 2016 Public schools are having an increasingly difficult time depending on a working relationship with the parents of students in their charg. more »»

It shouldn’t be business as usual

August 26, 2016 Lest West Virginians believe what they have been told about state government bloat being a thing of the past, a report from the Legislative Post-Audit Division reminds us little has truly change. more »»

W.Va. needs help, too

August 25, 2016 Federal disaster relief agencies seem focused on devastating flooding in Louisiana, and that certainly is appropriate. more »»

Loss of value must be monitored

August 24, 2016 State officials hit by round after round of bad fiscal news may have been wondering what on earth could go wrong next. They got their answer last week. more »»

State not ready for legalized pot

August 24, 2016 Some crazy ideas have been put forth in politics this yea. more »»

Cole’s plan worth an immediate look

August 23, 2016 Much of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Cole’s plan to battle the drug abuse epidemic in West Virginia focuses on, well, focu. more »»

Soft Drinks

August 22, 2016 Why is it that many liberals’ answer to virtually any challenge in government is higher taxes? Revenue to fund government lagging? Raise taxes. more »»

Boos and Applause

August 20, 2016 Applause to the start of the new school year, as many local students headed back to class Monday morning. more »»

Use Caution

August 19, 2016 School is in session in much of our area, and that means the big yellow buses are back on local streets and highways, carrying precious cargo. more »»

Gut Wrenching

August 18, 2016 The video recording that shows Perry Galloway Jr.’s last minutes on earth is gut wrenching and heart breaking. Every law enforcement officer and official in our area view it. more »»


August 17, 2016 Regardless of your political leanings, the wisdom of something West Virginia state Senate?President Bill Cole said in Wheeling last week seems clear. more »»

Broken System

August 16, 2016 At this rate, half the high school juniors in West Virginia will be proficient in mathematics by 2045. We can’t wait that long. more »»


August 15, 2016 Harvesting trees and processing wood products is becoming a more and more important industry in West Virginia. more »»


August 15, 2016 Congressional Budget Office analysts estimate the national debt, now at 75 percent of the gross national product, will grow to 86 percent in a decade. more »»

Safety of rides is paramount

August 13, 2016 Within the week, the kind of headlines no one wants to see were in the news. They were about children hurt or even killed on amusement park or carnival rides. In Kansas City, Kan. more »»

Tomblin program on shaky ground

August 13, 2016 West Virginia’s southern coalfields need help. No question about that. But the state simply may not be able to afford Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin’s pet project to provide it. more »»

What will Justice Davis do?

August 12, 2016 Conflicts of interest and outright corruption are woven into the fabric of local and state government in West Virginia. It is not just history. Shady deals continue to be reported regularly. more »»

Parents play big role in prevention

August 11, 2016 Damage from concussions or other brain injuries can take years — maybe decades — to appea. more »»

Mountain State should follow suit

August 10, 2016 Some laws seem made to be broken. more »»



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