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Making the ‘bridge’ into college

July 3, 2010 Davis & Elkins College has been full of student activity this summer — but there is a catc. more »»

The Daily Grind

July 3, 2010 As we walk through our lives, we meet people who seem to shine from within. They have wisdom, grace and a discernment that is rare. They may or may not be well known, popular or do “big things. more »»

Foto Flash

July 3, 2010 Wow, time flies when you are having fun! Or at least time flies when you are writing articles. Yes, it has been one whole year since I first began writing the Foto Flash column. more »»

Cub Scout Day Camp provides fun and builds foundations

June 26, 2010 Surrounded by their Cub Scout mates standing statue-stiff presenting the Boy Scout Salute, six youths in green T-shirts marched smartly toward the three flag pole. more »»

The Daily Grind

June 26, 2010 Most folks desire significance, meaning and appreciation, but it’s when our priorities get out of line that we must admit we have a problem. more »»

These bandz are silly, crazy and zany

June 12, 2010 In a world of high-cost technology, kids and adults are finding fun with packs of multiple rubber bands shaped like animals, letters and inanimate objects that look like squiggly lines when wrapped... more »»

Ready for your closeup?

June 12, 2010 It’s a small world after all. And it’s not just a ride at Disney. A lot is going on around you, and you might not know it if you don’t take time to take a close loo. more »»

A perfect plan for a planter’s paradise

June 5, 2010 As summer approaches, many area residents are taking shovel in hand. more »»

The Daily Grind

June 5, 2010 It was Saturday morning, and I decided to be “June Cleaver” and “Donna Reed” all rolled into one. more »»

Foto Flash

June 5, 2010 Great weather is finally here and school will be out in a few days. It’s almost summer time, everything is green and growing and it is time to take some serious photograph. more »»

Musket Balls and Buttons:

May 29, 2010 With two sides protected by water and 50 feet above its surroundings, the point of the arrowhead-shaped property was the perfect place for a militia’s fort. more »»

Gifts of faith, hope and love

May 29, 2010 Throughout our lifetime, we will hear many songs, poems and stories about faith. When we are down, our friends encourage us to “have faith. more »»

Smile for the camera, say cheese

May 29, 2010 When you think of photographs, what is one of the first things you think about? Smiles are my guess. Smiling has been a part of pictures for a long time. more »»

Memories may be lost but not forgotten

May 15, 2010 Do you know where you came from? I’m not talking birds and bees; I’m talking about where you have been in life. The places you’ve been and the people you’ve met. more »»

Dealing with anger and rage

May 14, 2010 Gary’s hand was sore from punching the hole in the wall. “The problem with walls is, the wall always wins,” he mused. In additions to his bruised knuckles, his outbursts had created a hidden cost. more »»

The fun keeps flowing

May 1, 2010 Bowden has seen some changes over the years, but what’s been drawing generations of visitors has remained the same. more »»

Beat being Burnout

May 1, 2010 As your alarm clock goes off and you awaken, you hit the snooze button several times. more »»

What kind of camera do you need?

May 1, 2010 What type of camera do you need? I’m often asked what kind of camera is the best to buy and the answer I most often give is that it depends. more »»

Getting over guilt

April 24, 2010 Guilt: It is that prompting and alert that can either produce change, hope and a future, or it is the ever-lingering, never-leaving cloud that stifles our joy, stunts our growth and inhabits our... more »»

Get wild with your photography

April 24, 2010 This week I had the opportunity to give a class on senior photography at the Montana Professional Photographers Association state convention. more »»



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