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Obama must defend NATO’s red lines from aggression

April 19, 2014 Last week, masked men in camouflage garb with no insignia, dressed and equipped like Russian special forces, started taking over police stations and other government buildings in the Donets basin in... more »»

Biden is qualified to be the president

April 19, 2014 WASHINGTON — One of the enduring misperceptions of American politics is that the vice presidency is a steppingstone to the presidency. more »»

Condoleezza Rice being hounded

April 19, 2014 If Condoleezza Rice were as self-pitying and politically crass as Attorney General Eric Holder, she would be wondering aloud what it is about her race and gender that accounts for the hostility to... more »»

Internet makes criticism much easier

April 18, 2014 I confess, dear readers, that I’m suffering from an identity crisis. One day I think I must be a fascist toady of big business whose fondest wish is to make the poor poore. more »»

Statistical frauds

April 15, 2014 The “war on women” political slogan is in fact a war against common sens. more »»

Kathleen Sebelius: Scapegoat

April 15, 2014 offers two definitions for scapegoat: “1. A person or group made to bear the blame for others or to suffer in their place; 2. Chiefly biblical. more »»

Safety first: Scanners for threats

April 15, 2014 At the beginning of this school year, Philip Barbour High School installed biometric finger scanners. more »»

History’s greatest event

April 14, 2014 This week starts the anniversary celebrations of the greatest event in history. more »»

Thought police on patrol

April 14, 2014 WASHINGTON — Two months ago, a petition bearing more than 110,000 signatures was delivered to The Washington Post demanding a ban on any article questioning global warming. more »»

Bush candor could win the day

April 14, 2014 Agree with him or not, you have to respect Jeb Bush’s honesty. more »»

Obama still being cautious

April 12, 2014 Diplomacy was what Otto Von Bismarck had in mind when he stated that politics was the art of the possible. You had to hear the “footsteps of God” then “grasp onto the hem of his garment. more »»

Millions of pit dwellers amongst us

April 12, 2014 Joseph looked up at the cruel faces of his brothers, his eyes squinting against the sunlight that streamed into the hole they had dug for him. more »»

Is Heaven on earth — or above?

April 12, 2014 During this past Holy Week Hollywood appropriately timed the release of two films that present opposing portrayals of the afterlife: “Heaven is for Real” and “Transcendence. more »»

What is a professional development school?

April 12, 2014 You may have read in The Inter-Mountain that Third Ward Elementary has a new banner saying that it is a Professional Development School, but what does that really mean? The three key elements of a... more »»

Misplaced faith in Obamacare misplaced

April 12, 2014 One of the reasons our political structure has become dysfunctional no matter which party is in power is that too many of us are living in the moment. more »»

The high cost of liberalism

April 12, 2014 Liberals advocate many wonderful things. more »»

Mountain State stereotypes persist

April 11, 2014 Our big mistake, in a way, was splitting away from Virginia to form our own state in 1863. more »»

How to assist evil

April 10, 2014 “Engineering Evil” is a documentary recently shown on the Military History channel. It’s a story of Nazi Germany’s murder campaign before and during World War II. more »»

Dangerous mischief in Ukraine

April 10, 2014 WASHINGTON — The report that protesters have declared two eastern Ukraine cities to be independent republics questions President Obama’s assurance that there is no “military solution” to the crisis... more »»

U.S. and Canada, together at last

April 10, 2014 What country do Americans overwhelmingly like the most? Canada. What country do Canadians pretty much like the most? America. What country has the natural resources America needs? Canada. more »»



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