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Women in combat will change face of warfare

January 26, 2013

President Barack Obama’s second inauguration was not the only big news to come out of Washington this week: just three days after Obama talked about fairness and equality in his inaugural address,......

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Oct-03-13 12:42 PM

Yeah Jane....and we won't be hearing you on here right screaming bloody murder and protesting all the women aka mothers, sisters in body bags right???? Pfft. Hypocrite.

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Feb-07-13 6:45 AM

Just wait until all the body bags of women aka mothers start arriving off the planes next time. Remember the hypocrite democrats screaming, counting and making such a big deal about all the 'men' in body bags during the Iraq war 5 or so years ago??? Oh that was an "act" they put on. Because now, they have no problem with bringing women home in body bags. Gays in the military is a big problem and now this will be the next big preventable problem created by the liberal nut jobs. Boy what a mess the conservatives are going to have to clean up after this foolish unintelligent bunch in the White House and Senate!!! On a 'good note' least we are getting rid of ONE of them; Rockefeller. Glad to finally see this joker is leaving.

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Feb-07-13 6:42 AM

Pure...just wait until all 18 year olds are "forced" to serve in the military, both men and women,as democrats have been trying for years to get done! And these jokers who support dems still believe democrats hate war? Obama sent MORE troops into Iraq; you know that war the dems blame Bush for? LOL. Stupidity reigns in the democrat party! Dems want to make it mandatory that all your sons and daughters serve in our military. Democrats love "forcing" things onto the people. Republicans like you to make your own choice. I guess stupid people who can't make decisions for themselves love idiots making those decisions for them. You can't fix lazy and stupid people. They'll give up 'all' their rights for some free stuff from the crooks in DC. That's been apparent over the past 5 years. These folks deserve what they will soon be getting.

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Jan-30-13 3:48 PM

I guess now I've opened the "loonybin" door..... have at it. Just shows your ignorance.

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Jan-30-13 2:15 PM

I'm just happy that now it's legal to "take that camel to bed". Repealed Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which states that any person who engages in "unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy." Those found guilty of sodomy would be subject to court-martial.

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Jan-30-13 9:51 AM

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Jan-29-13 6:55 PM

Little history lesson for Pure: women fought in the Civil War. Do a little research. Canadian, Australian, and many European women are in combat troops.

I can understand why anyone would threatened by the idea of women fighting shoulder to shoulder with men in today's military: we are fierce warriors. And it's why our civilization is moving forward by being more inclusive.

Glad I don't live in your world, Pure.

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Jan-29-13 1:55 PM

Pure, I'd say I can't believe your ignorance but reading your post, which most contain some kind of hatred, racism and sexist views I can believe it as the other people who read these comments do also. You obviously comment to make others angry, not to truly contribute to a real answer to any of the questions. or problems brought up in these Editorial or Letters to the Editor. Maybe it's just your lack of knowledge about most subjects that you have to cover it with your "mumbo jumbo". You and people like you are what's wrong with this country. It's a shame that Americans not matter what sex, color, sexual orientation etc ( all that you obviously hate) have given their lives for your safety and right to say the ignorant things that you do........

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Jan-28-13 11:50 AM

The GOP and Ole Curious George Bush were the one's that tarnished our respectability amongst the nations of the world. Their lies, hatred and obstructionism are just totally ridicules. Sure woman can get raped when captured, so can men. But it is a woman's choice to inlist and not yours.

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Jan-26-13 2:58 PM

Women join the military not only because they want a job but because they want to protect our country even if it cost them their lives. They face the fact they they may lose their lives when they join. If they are not willing to give the altimate sacrifice then they shouldn't join.As far as rape, they have always been in danger of that. Now they will be carrying an assault rifle in which they are trained to use. We don't necessarily need men to protect us, nowadays most of us are capable of protecting ourselves....

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