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Paul shows rift in GOP

February 16, 2013

Rand Paul’s State of the Union reply, alongside Margo Rubio’s official Republican response, indicates a widening rift within the GOP....

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May-25-13 2:40 AM

Rand Paul is not on the fringe. John McCain and the rest of his RINO friends are.

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May-03-13 9:27 AM

Liberalism: Hypocrites.

When Bush was president, liberals everywhere cried, screamed, turned blue, purple...whined, protested......why? Because gas prices were $1.85 a gallon. BWAHAHAHA.

Under Democrat controlled congress; Democrat president gas prices keep skyrocketing to over 4 dollars a gallon at times........and the ignorant hypocrites on the left are not protesting it, crying about it, screaming over it.........why? Because liberals don't MIND being slaves as long as the slave DRIVER is a democrat as stupid as they are. Stupid people cling with stupid people. Just like criminals attract other criminals; so don't these hypocrites on the left. Stupid foolish folks without any common sense. THAT is why most in poverty are democrats. They have no desire to work hard and make something of themselves or provide for their own children. They are not ashamed to 'take' from others. Heck; they even go so far as to 'feel entitled' to YOUR things. Leeches that need FORCED to grow up

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May-03-13 9:22 AM

Democrats QUITTING their jobs; not running for re-election; resigning in droves..........Bwahaha.....sounds more like Democrat Socialist party is in deep trouble. They are lacking the support they had BEFORE Obama became the first American dictator without a brain. What happened liberals. Thought Obama was your emperor that could do no harm! Didn't take long to find out how DECEIVED you sheep were.

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May-02-13 5:22 PM

Liberals are so funny.

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May-02-13 4:50 PM

keep saying that lie elkins.....bwahaha.....still doesn't change the 'fact' that Obama and socialist democrats are finished. Now that they've tried the gun control bill'll be lucky if you see just one of your lefty loons holding an office next election. I knew the democrats wouldn't take long to destroy themselves politically. They showed their 'true colors' for 5 years; racists, discriminatory, bullys, intimidators, bribers, little children, no common sense, constitution bashing/destroying fools with no signs of any common sense whatsoever. It will be the largest ousting of a party ever in this country. Cannot wait; looking forward to next election!!!

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Feb-16-13 4:32 PM

THE GOP is falling apart they think they can parade Margo Rubio out there so automatically everyone will vote republican not going to happen as long as they contiune to surpress the votes of minorites, crush woman's rights, call everyone who does'nt agree with them not good american's do they really think people are stupid no matter how they dress things up they have lost 50% of the voters from the start!!! as long as they continue to hate everyone they will contiune to lose National elections PERIOD

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