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Questions for the president

April 13, 2013

Ever caught yourself screaming a question at the TV during one of President Barack Obama’s press conferences? I have....

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May-03-13 9:06 AM

You just know that someone that calls Obama a liar when he says something in his own words and his own book, is twice as dumb as Obama when still 'denying' what's written and spoken and ON VIDEO/AUDIO! You really have to be mentally unstable to stand there and still 'claim' you're right!! Talk about psychological problems---THAT would be an obvious sign of utter and untreatable insanity. (Disbelieving Obama's OWN words just shows the world how truly uncredible and foolish you lefties are--doesn't help your credibility at all.) You aren't calling us liars; you're calling the embecile you voted for a liar because the words and admitting of being muslim and siding with them over America is HIS thoughts/words. Deal with it.

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Apr-18-13 7:02 AM

Old Timer, it takes a great deal of senility or prideful ignorance to patently accept the propaganda you seem to hold as fact. Communist? Muslim? Foreign-born? You must pray to Karl Rove at night because he seems to be your source of truth...

I know for a fact that Obama is not muslim, but Christian. That said, what difference would it make if he were a Muslim? Have you ever met a Muslim? Had dinner with a Muslim? Talked with them about their beliefs? I have and am proud to say that they are among the kindest, intelligent, and hard-working people I know. The way you refer to Muslims sounds a lot like people used to refer to blacks, Catholics, Jews, and before that, Italians, Irish, and Chinese...

Obama isn't my favorite president - he's not liberal enough and seems to have a blind optimism about cooperating with Boener and McConnel... but he is a breath of fresh air after the torturer-in-chief and clown that preceded him...

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Apr-17-13 6:08 PM

With what O has said and written over the years we know, he is a communist, Muslim. His last known citizenship is Indonesian Muslim. His Bengazi acts of making the military, State Dept, CIA stand down and firing an Admiral and General who would refuse his orders to not help US citizens; and replace them immediately is the evil you celebrate as someone who is a natural born citizen and allowed to be resident of the White House. We need a full congressional investigation and then impeachemnt and trial in the senate on the failure at Benghazi, the murder of our citizens and the ensuing billions given to this evil including F-16 fighter aircraft. Is anyone in this town paying attention before it is too late.

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Apr-16-13 3:39 PM

I see it's very hard for What and Walker to 'swallow TRUTH.' Wait until it hits you square in the face of REALITY. Reality of what ignorant selfish greedy voters have done by voting this president into office is getting closer to reality than they hope to see. But just wait. We told you, but you wouldn't listen or heed the warnings. Same thing folks said and did during great depression.....deny deny deny it can happen. You can't SPEND TRILLIONS of dollars and KEEP BORROWING and SPENDING and SPending and TAXING and make an economy thrive. The liberal media is LYING for this president until the day they CANNOT any longer. YOU will have NO other warning. It will happen OVERNIGHT because of this. Keep your liberal heads in the'll be eating that sand too.

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Apr-16-13 3:35 PM

Mister President, some people want to know why you recently gave Egyptian President Morsi $250 million dollars of taxpayer money.

Obama: Uh, as you know, President Morsi is affiliated with an important player in the region, uh, the Muslim Brotherhood. So we gave him the money to help him, uh, secure his hold on power and, uh, stabilize the region. Next question.

Mister President, Mister President, are you aware that Morsi's government is starting to behave a lot like President Mubarak's government?

Obama: Uh, uh, I must have missed that security briefing. But I've already talked about Egypt. Next question.

Mister President, Morsi is allowing the persecution and murders of innocent Coptic Christians in Egypt. Are you concerned?

Obama: Look, people. I've already talked about Egypt. Let's move along. I'm teeing off in 45 minutes. Next question.

And NOW Obama is giving al-qaida run Egypt three of our planes and promises eight of them. WHose side he on anyway?????????????

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Apr-16-13 3:30 PM

Trouble with liberals is that even when you show them firsthand the facts and Obama himself on video sounding the words....liberal intelligence doesn't allow for 'comprehension' of the things entering their ears. Their mouths just fly open and veins start popping, face turns red, purple....THAT is the point you KNOW they realize you shoved some FACTS down their throats and they cannot handle facts nor truth. It's like "kryptonite" to them. A daily dose of laughing at liberals makes the day a lot better.

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Apr-16-13 3:27 PM

Walker....if you feel this way about this article.....perhaps you haven't read some of your own incompetent, ridiculous liberal rants and opinions passed on as facts. LOL. Try it.

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Apr-15-13 8:18 PM

This is, without a doubt, one of the dumbest, most irresponsible, patently false, thick-headed commentaries I have ever read - it's stupid even by Inter-Mountain standards. I hope readers realize that this made-up garbage is nothing but low-brow entertainment just about three steps below Dancing with the Stars. It annoys me to see newspapers wasting information space with such uninformed drivel. None of it deserves an articulated response because it is nonsense written by someone who has no command of the facts and is proud of it.

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Apr-15-13 7:12 PM

Haha I'm so glad I don't pay a dime to read this Teapartican rag they call a "newspaper."

It's one thing for an editorial to question the President's actions and policies. It's another to make fun of and make a twisted game out of it. If you want to actually make a change, this will do absolutely nothing but make the yokels feel better about their poor voting choices.

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Apr-15-13 3:10 PM

Bwahaha.....No way is a democrat tax and spending liberal incompetent going to stop his borrowing, spending and taxing. Obama and Michelle think they've been voted in office to Reign as lifetime dictators. They do NOTHING but think they deserve whatever they want. It's the "liberal" way. They could care less about the people in this country. Their too busy thinking of themselves!!!

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