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Manchin a soldier for Obama

May 4, 2013

If there was ever any doubt that Joe Manchin would turn into a good soldier for President Barack Obama, doubt no more. As you may recall, Sen. Manchin, D-W.V....

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May-16-13 2:40 AM

I for one will not be voting for Joe again.

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May-07-13 7:38 PM

Solutions, I am in agreement. Harry Reid is an embarrassment and a large part of the problem. Never have we had such a weak, puny excuse for a Senate leader (at least, not in my lifetime) - and yes, I suspect Reid did praise Manchin for at least trying to play both sides - instead of insisting that we deal with the issue as adults instead of mice. Anyone that afraid of losing his or her seat doesn't deserve it.

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May-07-13 6:39 PM

Lest the voters and miners forget: in 2009 Joe Manchin governor of West Virginia ask for and signed a cap and trade bill that would shut down over 20% of the coal power in WV. Now he helps in a bill that would allow the government to keep a list of all gun owners. Whenever that happened in the past the despots eventually came for the weapons, Manchin knows this; he is tainted and not worthy of a vote again.

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May-06-13 10:08 PM

Hey Truthseeker, "Obama and the Socialist democrats" are in NO position to move the needle on your precious hard-fought capitalist advantage in the world. I mean - let's be frank. The distribution of wealth by your rules have landed us all in a pretty sweet spot, don't you think? I mean, just go to youtube and type in "wealth inequality in America" and be sure to watch all six minutes. You and the Koch brothers, Limbaughs, AFR, and the rest of the "anti-socialist God-fearers" will be proud to see how far you have come in the last few decades. Go ahead. I'll wait...

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May-06-13 10:00 PM

One more thing - I don't think we can address violence in the USA without looking carefully at the culture of violence we have created in the entertainment industry. We model aggression as a solution to problems everywhere from video games and movies to our worship of the military. I respect our military might and those who serve, but this unabashed, unqualified worship of the uniform is simply unhealthy. After all, war is basically shooting each other in the face until one side gives up... How proud can we really be of that? Learning to cooperate through music, or science, or statecraft should be lifted up and celebrated. As I have quoted here before, "Don't say my country right or wrong - that is like saying my Grandmother drunk or sober..." We should expect better and we are all capable of better.

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May-06-13 9:48 PM

Yes, I understand the bill and agree it is pretty lame as a solution to a growing problem. The compromise to which I referred was between factions of a dysfunctional Senate, but at least it was a beginning. What I like about Manchin, despite being a closet Republican, is that he is willing to look beyond the party leadership rap and try and solve problems. Is he my ideal? Not in a million years. Bernie Sanders comes closer, but the level of corruption and dysfunction on both sides can be moved only by a few leaders willing to march to a different drummer. The current leadership is marching the country right off a cliff. As for gun control, I think we need to expose the NRA for what it is - a lobbyist for gun manufacturers, paranoid survivalists and fringe militias - and look instead to hard data on gun control and gun violence worldwide. The numbers don't lie - we are awash with weapons and have the highest rate of gun violence in the world.

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May-06-13 8:26 PM

And while I'm on the subject of gun control - what is so radical about calling people to account for their actions? Isn't that the American way? Taking responsibility? If we want guns in a violent society, the least we should be willing to do is to take enough personal responsibility to show that we are clear-headed, responsible citizens. As I said in an earlier post, banks do background checks all the time. Heck, even your DOG has to have a background check to insure he is not rabid. Why are we such weenies when it comes to the 2nd amendment. Frankly, anyone so driven by fear of the unknown probably shouldn't have a gun anyway. And yes, if you have gone out and bought up loads of ammo and extra guns all because you fear that Obama is going to take away your toys, you are probably too whacked to have them in the first place. Protecting yourself from gvt. takeover would mean shooting your enlisted neighbor in the face. You would do that???

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May-06-13 8:17 PM

I find it odd that you cite the Heritage Foundation for complaining about "bought and paid for" legislation. What does not surprise me that that simply because he decides not to kiss up to the Heritage Foundation, NRA, and other capitalist-infested special interest whacko super PACS, you have decided he is carrying Obama's water. Did anyone ever think that he may be using a measure of common sense and calling it as he sees it? It is a mistake to think he has anything political to gain from siding with Dems on anything, coming from a state completely dominated by an agenda spoon fed to them by the Koch Brothers, Fox "News" and the religious nutjobs over at American Family Radio. I thought Manchin showed uncommon courage by working out a respectable compromise on the gun control debate. It took a LOT of NRA bribery money to defeat it. Meanwhile, if I wanted a $1000 loan to upgrade my bathroom, banks would do more background checks on me than Manchin's measure wa

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May-06-13 7:09 AM

Manchin better hope Obama doesn't stop suddenly!

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May-04-13 2:17 PM

There's just too many SELFISH, GREEDY LAZY people in this generation to ever expect them to vote with respect to others rights and our Constitution. This generation of useless embeciles will sell their souls for the right NOT to work and have everything GIVEN to them without 'earning' one thing! It's a useless generation whom has not accomplished anything new, good or useful. They are the TAKERS. Don't expect them to GIVE to anything expect themselves. They are now STEALING everything from the workers in this nation and with Obama and socialist democrats' help; giving it all to those most UNdeserving.

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