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State to pay price for bad health

May 7, 2013

We West Virginians are among the most irresponsible in the nation when it comes to taking care of ourselves. We eat too much. We smoke too much. We take too many stupid chances with our safety....

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May-10-13 6:13 PM

WHY don't you write an article about how our own GOVT allows food manufactureres to put POISONS into our food supply? They govt LOVES to blame citizens for their illnesses when we KNOW the poisons they allow us to eat.

For instance....where's your article on milk industry attempting to get FDA to allow ASPARTAME to be put into our MILK?????? Yeah, that will make us all healthy right? WHO DOESN"T know by now...aspartame is POISONOUS? and cancer-causing?

Monsanto is allowed to use GMO's and our dear GOVT officials say they don't have to TELL us which food is genetically MODIFIED so we won't have a choice of whether we want to be healthy or not. When you answer THESE legitimate questions.....then you can start attacking those choosing the BAD foods. Until then; citizens won't listen to the medical community; elite fools who THINK they know why so many are ill or especially Obama/Michelle who are proving daily they are just hypocrites who don't eat any healthier than anyone else.

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May-10-13 6:17 PM

FLUORIDE---LOOK IT UP. A POISON. Why do you think it states on all NOT swallow! Call poison control center if you do?!?!?

ASPARTAME IN MILK? REALLY? FDA IS considering allowing it. INTERESTING! Yet you SAY govt wants us healthy? I beg to differ. Evidence proves otherwise!!!

Monsanto now putting ROUNDUP WEED KILLER into CORN SEEDS. We ONLY buy heirloom seeds because our GOVT/FDA/Agriculture dept ALLOWS poisons/chemicals into everything we citizens consume. THEY are the culprit that is causing all the diseases and deaths of such young people. Where can anyone go now to purchase POISON and chemical FREE food? Where? You must grow it yourself. That's why WE do! No adulterated hybrid seeds. They are poisonous.

WHY does govt worldwide STOCK and buy up all heirloom unadulterated vegetable seeds and hoard them? They've been doing this for decades! While feeding us the 'garbage.

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May-10-13 6:19 PM

MOney corrupts and politicians gladly accept bribes. Our food supply is worthless; no vitamins, minerals, but plenty of poison/chemicals. Nearly EVERY citizen is now UNDERNOURISHED due to our food thanks to our govt officials.

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May-17-13 11:02 PM

Appears What would rather HAVE the poisons in his food. Go ahead; enjoy!

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Aug-21-13 8:39 AM

What.....Proving once again just how INTOLERANT, HATEFUL, RACIST, JEALOUS, ANGRY and STUPID the radical left are.

So what liberals. So the state will have to pay price for bad health. Isn't that what the radical socialist liberals wanted in the first place? FREE HEALTHCARE????? Pfft. Even THEY don't know what the heck they truly want. They say one thing; do another!!!

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Aug-21-13 8:41 AM

Democrats: Saying one thing; doing another!

Dems scream TOLERANCE; yet show NO TOLERANCE for other opinions that don't go along with their own.

Dems scream STOP BULLYING. Yet Obama bullies businesses, banks, car companies that won't agree with his socialist policies. Dems bully christians, white folks, moral folks, conservatives just based on sex, color and political affiliation, which THEY also made illegal to do by federal law....yet are the biggest abusers of these laws!!!

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