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Does ignorance or tyranny rule in U.S.?

June 22, 2013

Editor: As we watch and listen to what is happening in Washington (and government as a whole for that matter, from the White House to the courthouse) an old saying comes to mind: “Ignorance is......

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Jan-21-14 9:57 AM

Yeah GOD hates socialism/communism/progressivism/marxism. And some lying atheist liberal saying otherwise does nothing to change that. The left are a moral-LESS and God-less crew of unsuccessful unlearned dependents and leeches on society. God knew that would be the way it was too as he hates LAZY people.

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Oct-30-13 12:37 PM

People like What are not disciplined. And that is why they hate biblical instruction. It's also why they're lives are much much harder than christians' lives are. Christians don't get all riled up when things don't work out; they are disciplined and motivated; two things the left do NOT possess and why the left are so 'envious' of christians. They 'know' they cannot make us into their little pawns or convince us that immorality is 'okay.' There's always some hope for everyone; some moreso than others. Maybe they'll wake up one day after seeing how miserable they're lives are in comparison.

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Aug-15-13 9:39 PM

Socialism, progressivsim, communism, liberalism are GODLESS and MORAL-LESS! Just watch how they act. Very very telling.

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Jul-05-13 1:17 PM

"Socialism is Anit-God." Really? What New Testament version do you study? Are you sure you know the teachings of Jesus?

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Jun-30-13 5:04 PM

So funny when the 'fakes' pretend they're christian. All anyone has to do is listen and watch their evilness to know how stupid they truly are. Obama is NOT a christian. Christians do not MOCK GOD. Christians do NOT love socialism. SOcialism is ANTI-GOD. Their god is NOT our GOd. Their rock is not our Rock.

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Jun-30-13 8:27 AM

You seem to forget one thing, none of the examples you used were written about hundreds of years in advance of their existence as Jesus was. Of course, you wouldn't know that, since you've never took the Bible seriously. The Bible isn't a book you can look at casually and expect to learn anything from it. It takes years of study and research to understand it.

However, I wouldn't expect you to come up with anything less than an example using a certifiable nut and the founding father of a cult that's still murdering hundreds of people a year all across the globe. Atheism has strange a strange partnership mental cases and murderers.

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Jun-24-13 4:49 PM

Mr. House.....AMEN to that!!!

We ARE experiencing God's Hand over us being removed as our leaders mock Him and mock christians and prove how foolish they are. God stated those who say there is no God are foolish. They will know one day. What will they do then? The day is coming when that day will be 'one day too late for some.' How truly sad they choose stubborness and cursed lives over God's blessings on those who bless Him and obey Him. I guess misery loves company. Just look's easy to tell who loves God; as no matter what happens to the country....God's children are always blessed and can deal with anything thrown at them. Now look at the losers....those mocking Him, those wanting to make immoral things 'okay' and moral things abominable. What a miserable life they lead; they constantly complain, never have enough in their eyes; never satified, no rest, peace for them. So just 'listen' to their words and you'll see how they choose to live their lives. Enjoy your trip

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Jun-24-13 12:11 PM

You, Mr. House, are a jack ass. The entire rant about women in the military and compromising positions? What the*****is that? Seriously? Men are so weak willed and beastly that they can't control themselves? Women have every right to be in combat positions. We who chose to do so, do it for the same reason any man does: to serve our country and protect it's people and ideals. The men we fight along side of should be taught that we aren't possessions or things to be taken...but equals with every single right that they have. Don't blame women or the government for men behaving like animals. Blame the men who perpetrate the illegal act. Moron.

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