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ATV access would benefit seniors

July 27, 2013

Editor: I appreciate the response from Monongahela Forest Supervisor Clyde Thompson about our proposal to allow ATVs on existing forest service roads that are presently open to all other motor......

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Sep-27-13 10:18 AM

Bwahaha....a liberal stating we can't punish everyone for what a few do is absolutely HILARIOUS.

Obama/democrats do that ALL THE TIME.

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Aug-07-13 8:55 AM

Pure- Your post couldn't be more wrong. Many (UTV's especially) do have DOT approved Radial tires and ARE street legal depending on local codes. UTV's do have seatbelts, but I know we are also talking about ATV's. Let's think about this, the only safety feature required for a motorcycle is a helmet. That could be easliy adopted for ATV/UTV's. And if they are being ridden on the road they ARE required to have insurance on them. You are correct in that there are idiots that ride them incorrectly, but there are also idiots that drive vehicles incorrectly. Do you want to punish everyone who drives a vehicle because of those few as well?

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Aug-04-13 8:51 AM

Hey memyselfandI .... so you don't believe anyone should 'punish everyone' for what 'some' do??? Yeah, there's HOPE for you after all, maybe....

Please write Obama and democrats in congress that one and tell them they cannot "punish" every gun owner because of what a few NUTS do! Hmm....somehow I don't think the left will do that because they only apply laws and logic to the other side of the aisle and think THEY themselves are IMMUNE to our laws and common sense!!

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Jul-30-13 5:55 PM

I should've been a little more clear. My comment wasn't directed at keeping ATV's out of National was more for Puremagix's comment about outlawing ATV's altogether...and calling everyone that rides them morons & trash. My family owns ATV's but we don't tear up anybody's land. We also don't ride on the roadways or anywhere we aren't supposed to. We also don't throw trash in people's yards...nor do we fly by people's homes where they may have kids &/or pets. I actually agree that it's a bad idea to open our National Forests to the use of ATV's because there will always be some idiot in there tearing something up to ruin it for the rest of us. As for grouping everyone who owns an ATV into the same category and calling them morons & etc? That's just ignorance. If that opinion makes me a liberal...whatever.

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Jul-29-13 6:56 AM

Keep the stinking ATV's out of the National Forests. They aren't the nuisance though........the idiots driving them are.

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Jul-29-13 6:55 AM

MeMyselfandI........liberals punish others for what a few do all the time. It's what this entire Obama administrations been doing for years. So why not this???? Wake up. You're defense isn't a defense at all.

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Jul-27-13 1:39 PM

You can't punish "everyone" for the ignorance of "some". If that were the case, personal opinions would no longer be allowed on here.

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