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Nation’s debt shows we’re out of control

October 12, 2013

“Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops her....

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Nov-06-13 8:26 AM

Its irrelevant whether it's "liberal" or "conservative". Its literally about economics. I'm not being snarky, seriously, read a book about economics and how it works. Not one full of propaganda for either side, but an actual economics book. It is a very complicated subject and there are a lot of factors that come in to play. Don't just sit back and let someone say a bunch of numbers and say, "oh, that's bad!". If you're going to discuss it publicly with intelligent people of either side, you need to know what you're talking about. It truly is more complicated than debits and credits like accounting. There's the matter of other countries' debts that we own, what interest rates are (on our debt and the debt we own/buy that belongs to other countries), how the GDP fits in, etc etc etc. You don't have to agree with me or anyone else, but you should educate yourself to the truth of such matters and not just blindly quote something from the news or a p

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Nov-01-13 11:29 PM

I guess liberals don't think going in debt over 16 TRILLION dollars isn't a problem. That is not surprising considering no liberal understands the economy or how jobs are created. Obama's failed green jobs are a bust and his own Terry McAuliffe took taxpayer money to try to start up a green company too; it's bust. Obama has wasted more taxpayers money on his 'friends' scams than any Madoff scam ever did!!!

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Nov-01-13 5:11 PM




I wish some of these people having a stroke about the national economy and the "debt crisis" would read a freakin book about economics. Or just read a book in general maybe.


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Oct-29-13 7:57 AM

Joe; you said it. You are pathetic!

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Oct-18-13 6:48 AM

Joe, while putting all your energy into only critizing conservatives; you fail to see all the lies, deceit, wickedness of your own party. And because of this character intentionally or unintentionally 'help' destroy yourself as your party keeps taxing the poor working class people and causing food prices and gasoline prices and rentals and real estate more and more unaffordable. Intelligent people do not agree with wrong doing whether it's from your party or another party. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Party loyalty is stupid. That means you'd stand behind your party members no matter what they did or did not do. And that...shows the rest of us just what kind of character you have. Therefore, your comments fall on deaf ears and have no substance. It seems you don't even know what you are supporting as it will hurt you also.

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Oct-12-13 11:13 AM

Hey Joe did you hear that? Only 14%!!! Doesn't sound like you know what you're talking about. HA!

People now starting to FEEL the socialist progressive mandates as they experience QUADRUPLE insurance rates and punishment for not buying insurance by taxing you a big fat FINE under Obamacare. And tax refunds? HA! Obama will just keep them now since you idiots won't buy into his Obamacare insurance scam. Enjoy your miserable life Joe.

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Oct-12-13 11:11 AM

This weeks poll states that only 14% think the nation is heading in the right direction. So Obama's progressive ideals are NOT working!

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Oct-12-13 6:51 AM

Typical democrats are always for and against something. They are undependable; unintelligent; foolish; uncaring; love taxing the poor while they use their positions in office to 'enrich' themselves; argue they cannot survive on over 100,000 dollars a year while expecting the working class to survive with 35,000 a year and still pay all their constantly passing taxes on anything that moves or stands still more than 5 minutes.

Pretty depressing when the democrats who wrote the obviously uneducated and stupid Obamacare are even 'admitting' to it's utter disastrous consequences. At least some of these fools have awaken from their stupor! For how long....I don't know. It's probably just a phenomenon as democrats usually flip-flop every 5 seconds on any given issue. They are pathetic.

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