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Let’s reshuffle Congress’s deck

October 19, 2013

Editor: Congressional campaigns receive money from big business, corporations and special interest groups who also buy lobbyists to promote their interests by “entertaining” those in offic......

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Jan-21-14 9:06 AM

Playfare...getting worried about dems chance for re-election? It's what you sound like. Dems always resort to childish name calling when worried. lol. Keep it up; it's the reason voters are turning against you children. People want ADULTS as leaders not children.

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Jan-16-14 6:43 AM

anti.....increase your medication; current dosage apparently not working.

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Nov-02-13 5:04 PM

No BWAHAHA? I'm disappointed. And pure... The only reason you hate common core is because it makes you look stupid. You've commented many times bragging about your 60 self-righteous years on this planet, but never caught up to the curve after college. (Assuming you went to college. Doubt it...) With technology as it stands now, the average 8th grader is able to absorb more information in a day than a college graduate in, say, 1971... Your attacks on anyone who isn't white/protestant/and a complete friggin idiot like Seeker may prompt other people from posting comments, (O wait... It doesn't), But I will always be here to point out what racist, ignorant, hillbillies you are. Which brings me to Seeker. (lol. my favorite part...) You never cease to win me money. If anyone needs a Halloween costume for next year, go as "PURESEEKER." All you need to do is steal candy, and call the kids lazy when the claim to have done all the work. Then blame liberals, unions, and single mothers

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Nov-01-13 11:36 PM

You can read the liberals' comments in here and tell they are not educated well and do not understand anything they are saying. It's repeated word for word from their master in the WH. They cannot answer or respond with anything remotely original because they have to "first" go find out what they are supposed to answer to such a question from the left wing blog sites for the DNC. It's rather amusing and hilarious. First I hear it on day time liberal feeds; then hear it come from the mouths of WHAT and Antipoopie; Nellie and Play. You 4 never fail to give us a good laugh each day. Don't stop now. Laughter is good for the soul and Obama has sure been supplying enough lately with the website debacle. By the way..maybe he should have read "Websites for Dummies."

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Oct-29-13 7:01 AM

Playfare (hahaha, yeah right) and antipoop (in constant state of constipation) are the TWO radical lefties who would be against this, that's who!! Just it comes....their agreement to NOT reshuffle congress's deck. LOL. Told you.

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Oct-27-13 8:38 PM

If anyone is uneducated and juvenile it is you purebullpuckey..... Your always trying to ram you unproved statements and ideas down every bodies throats. The only education you have is what your hear on faux news and from the racist poor hating Tea Party. Do you ever have any ideas of your own ? I think not. One day you nastiness is going to come back at you when karma bites you on the behind. I've never heard you say anything nice to anybody. What's it like to be a miserable ogre? A least I'll leave this life with the satisfaction that I've tried in someway to help my fellow mankind instead of damning them to*****here on earth. Go ahead wallow in your misery. You will not take me or others that feel the same way as I down.....

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Oct-22-13 4:34 PM

HA! Had a bet on how many times that "Pure" idiot said ass after he found out the IM wouldn't *BLEEEP* it out. I'm gonna start following you, Pure. You're even easier than Seeker... Thought you said you were 60. I'd call you a high-school sophomore, but it might offend most high-school sophomores. lol.

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Oct-21-13 7:35 PM

Puremagix needs to change his name to Purebullpucky........ He sure is one paranoid "Pied Piper" Republican......

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