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Obamacare can teach us a lesson

November 16, 2013

“If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period” is destined to become one of the most important statements ever uttered by a president of the United States....

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Jan-16-14 7:09 AM

A****..poor Hildy can't take the opposition. grow up lefties. Your whining is getting tiresome.

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Dec-08-13 1:11 AM

The ownership of the Intermountain should have a Republican and a Democrat,or two politically neutral writers submit a 200-300 word piece regarding Affordable Care and other topics. Thus we would get a small lesson in history and current events without the subjective,often monstrous statements . The writers should be asked for their submissions and should sign their names. Obviously, these requirements would bring about courtesy and ordinary respect,lacking in some of the comments which we read .

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Nov-20-13 12:17 PM

I think after Nov. 17th hearing's this Obamacare will be thing of history. The one in charge says it's still 70% incomplete fixing the web site, the pay distribution part apparently was never touched by the IT company's who built it in the first place. This will not be ready by Dec 30, let alone Nov 30. But why should that surprise anyone, anything the government does is very costly and extremely poorly done.

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Nov-19-13 12:37 PM

Republican leadership , Cruz, Limbaugh, Palin, Romney, Hannity, Fox News, now thats funny!!!! Then they wonder why nobody but old white guys vote for them!!

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Nov-19-13 11:42 AM

truthseeker? ? or automaton? Google remarks and opposition to Social Security ,Medicare . Compare them to the manufactured controversy surrounding the Affordable Care Act.

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Nov-19-13 11:06 AM

Hey elkins....republicans? Uh, surely you do realize your own stupid extremist liberals have the majority right? lololol....laughing hysterically.

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Nov-19-13 11:04 AM

Well get ready for the NEXT Obama problem with his failed, lying huge taxation called Obamacare!

Now not only will insurance cost you triple what you WERE paying; NOW....he's removed the list of doctors you were seeing so now you may not even be able to 'continue' seeing your doctors you've been seeing for years. He wants to DICTATE 'who' you see now.

We can only hope that the idiots who voted for THE Idiot don't make it to the polls next time.

Enjoy your hope and change little're now 'hoping' it's not true that the "change" is triple taxes, triple insurance premiums, triple unemployment, triple gas prices, quadruple utility rates. Hope you idiots are happy now as you start moving back in with your parents, losers!

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Nov-19-13 11:00 AM

I think the first two liberals' comments just proved my point that they are just so gullible to 'believe' Obama's lies even after 'proven' he's done nothing but lie to them. I only have pity for people this stupid. But hey, you cannot fix stupid.

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Nov-18-13 11:20 PM

The Affordable Healthcare Act is based on Republican demands, and the health care insurance corporations needs. It should never have been called Obama Care. He ,Obama does not sell insurance and does not cancel policies.He is truthful ,honest, but is misquoted, excoriated for trying to make insurance rates affordable here where they are the highest in the civilized world.

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Nov-18-13 1:40 PM

Let's see the GOP Plan do nothing let Koch Bros run the world and the rich get richer and poor get screwed, The GOP have no plan other than cry about the President and say No to everything! They are a joke. Hilary will win in 2016 because they are not smart enough to niminate Chris Christie they will be be the fools they are and Nominate Cruz and lose once agian people are tired of all their Hate!!!

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Nov-18-13 12:24 PM

Oh come on all you Democrats who voted for Obama to get your Affordable Health Care. We are sorry our site is broken but please call the 1-800 number and sign up today, saving you $2500 per year on the cheap, shoddy,you can't use anyway insurance policy your health care providers stuck you with all these years, and that physician you have, well, he's OK but check our our list in your state for our approved physicians list and choose one of ours from the list of many in your area, so hurry our operators are anxiously awaiting your call and if you make less than $9,548.53 with a family of 4 you may even qualify for a government paid subsidy, paid of course by those wealthy individuals, since they don't want to share, we'll take their money and pay part of your premium's. Ain't wealth distribution grand, we said we'd get it, we didn't lie about that one. So come on down, Obama has fulfilled his promise of insurance for all. Illegal immigrants need not apply, you're already covered.

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