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Congress let highways deteriorate too long

December 14, 2013

Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., will introduce bills to raise federal fuel taxes, index them to inflation and test a vehicle-mile ta....

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Dec-17-13 8:35 AM

And Joe Manchin is right on board with this. He went as far as to agree with Obama that they should 'create' their own little BANK; an "infrastructure" bank. That is the little fake name they'll give it so YOU will THINK it's about only using the TAX they'll raise on you to put in that bank, on bridges/highways, etc....Pfft! You KNOW it's another SCAM on the taxpayers to enrich their already overflowing pockets with OUR money!

Manchin needs FIRED asap! I hope voters mean it when they said they feel he betrayed us and won't vote for him again. I KNOW I won't and neither will any family member. We did ONCE; not twice!

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Dec-18-13 7:12 AM

How 'bout if democrats would actually help REAL American citizens rather than helping illegal aliens to our tax dollars?

Just this week a loophole was found and a Republican congressman hurriedly wrote a bill to close that loophole that dems were about to do. What was it? CUTTING VETERANS BENEFITS so that 'illegal aliens' could illegally take the child tax credit (without even filing a tax return) to get big refunds!!!

Tell me again how much democrats 'care' about their American citizens that stupidly support them??

NO self-respecting veteran would vote for these progressive socialist democrats.

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Dec-24-13 9:13 AM

Hey What.......that question should be asked by your commie hero in the WH. He's the one that allows illegals to get the credits for child care WITHOUT filing a tax return moron. But then, YOU aren't really interested in the truth are you? You just have a communist agenda to help with; thus you never respond with anything slightly similar in anyone with any amount of education other than liberal 'indoctrination.' Indoctrination NOT same as 'education.' You like being TOLD what to think; real intelligent people think for themselves. Enjoy your sad trip as socialism/communism has NEVER been a success anyway in the entire world; therefore neither will you and your lot of leftists! Ever wonder why the democrats are such an angry, ugly intolerant, sad and pathetic unhappy bunch of people? Reread this comment; there's a clue so in-your-face even a 5th grader 'gets it.'

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Dec-24-13 9:15 AM

Keep on telling the TRUTH Pure; it drives the left completely insane. Not that they weren't already! LOL. Truth only angers liars & deceivers.

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Dec-24-13 9:20 AM

WV is allowing our highways to deteriorate "on purpose" as other liberal states are also doing. WHY? Because just as our Governor Tomblin and deceiver, Joe Manchin stated more than once in past several years; they want a BANK; a govt run INFRASTRUCTURE Bank......thus raising YOUR taxes for another liberal money wasting, politician enriching scam!!!

Typical! Democrats think we don't ever pay enough TAXES; only answer to every problem from Dems is TAX, TAX, TAX! The People say, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE them all! And we will. Just wait and see.

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Jan-07-14 1:16 PM

Just because democrats can't understand something, they just choose to believe it's not true; it cannot be done; or it's someone else's fault. Eh, What??? I don't waste time on people who ignorantly state something isn't true just because they don't like it. Proof is out there, you know it, you've read it online in news articles, yahoo, etc...and you know we know that YOU know it. You should stop trying so hard to attempt to prove to others you are not a liberal democrat. You're proving otherwise. LOL.

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Jan-16-14 6:38 AM

A "progressive" in any the most foolish person on the planet.

They call themselves 'progressive' yet their ideology sends ALL backward not forward.

Progressivism is just socialism with a different name. Lefties and righties do the name change to attempt to deceive people into "thinking" it's not socialism. It's just a pre-thinking lighter version of outright communism. Eventually that's where these ignorant self-professing intelligent folks will lead everyone. Progressives think they know everything yet show us they really know nothing. They have arrogance and think they have a right to tell everyone else what to do, how to do it, how to live, what to wear, what to eat, how to think.

Not working out for you progressives very well is it? Folks know who you all are in congress now and are intelligently voting them out in both parties.

That is why progressive repubs & progressive libs are working together to try to oust tea party members. NOT

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Jan-23-14 11:36 AM

What...nice try but your obvious childish comments mean nothing to anyone.

Uh, I've done taxes for 25 years; so just one more comment of yours that proves your stupidity and education level. You sound like a 5th grader.

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