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Obama has left his mark

December 28, 2013

A feature of the Barack Obama era has been the preponderance of bumper stickers still hailing the President. Some you can notice are as far back as 2008 vintag....

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Apr-08-14 8:12 AM

Apparently only 1 out of 4 in here do understand you Nellie. And I bet that '1' is What. lolol. Your 'agrees' and 'disagrees' PROVE it.

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Jan-21-14 10:23 AM

Nellie, in all honesty..I don't think you are even aware you exist. Visit your doctor; you need medical help.

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Jan-21-14 10:22 AM

Nellie.......cry me a river. Violins playing......lololol. Pacifier? Aww...did you lose yours? Grow up.

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Jan-17-14 8:30 AM

TruthSeeker, you continue to plagiarize my comments and attempt to integrate words and phrases into your own posts. For that to make sense, you would have to understand the content of my posts which you most certainly do not. For that matter, you appear unable to understand anyone's comments.

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Jan-17-14 1:08 AM

@Nellie; you are pure liberl as that was the most words used for the least sensible garbled crap ever written in here. My god, you must be a democrat politician. WHich one are you? LOL.

Only a liberal would try to explain 'dumbing down' speeches and education as a good thing and pretend it's necessary. Well, actually I truly believe it's necessary for folks like you. SOme people are too lazy to work so it stands to reason they'd also be too lazy to learn anything through their own hard work. You make our case daily. Funny thing is; you're not even aware of it. Funny. lol.

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Jan-16-14 1:57 PM

TruthSeeker, it's understandable that you would relate to the topic of President Obama's dumbing down his speeches. It is for people like you that this is necessary and is customary for politicians, teachers and clergy. The standard test that this excerpt from free beacon dot com (4/27/12) refers to is the Flesch-Kincaid reading comprehension difficulty test.

excerpt: Elvin Lim, an associate professor of government at Wesleyan University and the author of The Anti-Intellectual Presidency: The Decline of Presidential Rhetoric from George Washington to George W. Bush, is not surprised that Obama has dumbed down his language.

“This is a guy who is a constitutional law professor, but the structure of the presidency is such that you have to go anti-intellectual,” he said.

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Jan-16-14 11:15 AM

If you don't believe the comment about using small words to liberals then please feel free liberals to search through google or yahoo, for the educational report that Obama's speeches are intentionally written at 8th grade levels so his supporters have no problem 'understanding' and 'comprehending' what he's saying. heh heh....

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Jan-16-14 11:13 AM

Pure....I think Nellie's feeling offended by your constant use of 'big words' and thus causing him/her to not comprehend what you truly are saying.

FYI: You must remember Pure, when speaking to liberals....only use words not more than 4 letters in length. You'll have more of a chance but not 100% of getting through to their left sided brains.

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Jan-13-14 1:47 PM

FlaWestGuy; if you truly read my post, you'd 'see' I did need 2 't's' as the mistake was NOT in spelling, but "spacing." So you can now include yourself as being human. Maybe.

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Jan-13-14 12:06 PM

Puremagix, your sanctimonious belief that you hold to higher moral standards than all the other groups of people you routinely criticize is a symptom of a mental disorder. Your grandiose claims to superiority is a symptom of a social disorder commonly associated with the anti-social group you "respect".

You post uninformed opinions which you call "facts" and when confronted with the truth, you attempt to divert the discussion. You do not take responsibility for your comments and you blame everyone else for your own personal failings. You parrot right wing gibberish and expect to be taken seriously. You project all of the negative qualities found in "conservatives" on to all other political groups.

You are incapable of contributing to any discussion about politics because you refuse to acknowledge facts.

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Jan-12-14 6:55 PM

Reality has a liberal bias, WMW.

What's next for Purenastiness? He is being even more unpleasant than usual on the LGBT civil rights thread. He has stated that he "respects" neo-Nazis, so no surprises on that topic or any other that requires a sane response.

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Jan-12-14 4:49 PM

Puremagix, you respect neo-Nazis, you believe the FoxNoise ACORN fiction and now you are spouting Michael Savage lunacy.

What's next?

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Jan-12-14 6:09 AM

Right you are, WMW.

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Jan-11-14 3:34 PM

VV| / \ _| / q .. p \ / \--/ // __||__// /. _/ // \ / // || \\ / )\| | / || || | |/\| || | | || | \ || / __/ || \__ \____/\____/ Hi everyone! I'm Jean-Baptist Emanuel Honeywagon. Please disregard any comments by "Truthseeker" and "Puremagix. They may try to hide behind their phoney bibles and flawed religions, but their real problem comes from a lack of education. You god doesn't scare me, and neither do you two imbeciles.

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Jan-11-14 1:50 PM

It's just never too late to Go Godwin is it, Puremagix.

As with all other issues, you appear to know nothing about Hitler's Germany from 1933-1945. Nazi Germany was a fascist totalitarian state in which liberals were treated as threats to the state. Neo-Nazis here in the United States are right wing extremists whose dysfunctional ideology is very close to your own.

You've been losing credibility rapidly on this thread and Going Godwin completely disqualifies anything else you might want to and elsewhere.

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Jan-09-14 7:19 AM

As the American people continue to embrace evil, our once great nation, now financially and morally bankrupt, circles the bowl. The vile, wicked resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has every reason to rejoice in our downfall, which WE BROUGHT UPON OURSELVES! Don't kid yourself for a minute and think this will end well.

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Jan-08-14 6:14 PM

TruthSeeker, I realize you are struggling with all the information in this particular thread and that you attempt to be relevant here and on other topics, but do yourself a favor and try to learn something. Your babbling is annoying and childish. You don't have a clue about national politics or issues which effect your life and it appears that you don't even know what elected office Shelley Capito holds at this time.

Stop embarrassing yourself and try to learn something.

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Jan-08-14 5:59 PM

Nellie, you really are blind. Your Comment, And yes, Puremagix, when you do not pay for health care services for whatever reason, it is "free". Nothing is free, someone always pays for it through higher taxes. Are you so stupid that you can't understand that the government has no money of their own. All they have is taxpayer money, and when they hand out free healthcare, the taxpayers are footing the bill. Is that above your understanding? Are you naive enough to think the government has a money tree. Where exactly do you thing the government gets their money to hand out entitlements, grants and pay medical bills created by free medical treatment for illegals or welfare recipients? You are the one who obviously doesn't understand how the government works. It's really simple. They create bills, and we pay them. You will soon see just how expensive Obama's healthcare debacle really is. Then you'll get it when your disposable income shrinks by several hundred bucks.

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Jan-08-14 9:03 AM

Please, Puremagix, spare us your histrionic gibberish.

No, you do NOT know the difference between Payroll Taxes and federal income tax. If you'd like, I can excerpt your posts from the IM Archives...yes, I know how to do that. You accuse the working poor of not paying their fair share when in fact they pay the same percentage on their wages for Payroll Taxes that you do.

You clearly did not understand the implications of EMTALA aka the republican "Free Rider" legislation. Nor have you grasped the concept that ACA provisions provide health care insurance for millions of previously uninsured people. I realize that you so-called "conservatives" cannot think in a straight line, but when people have health care insurance, they do not need to "Free Ride" in the Emergency Rooms across the country. And yes, Puremagix, when you do not pay for health care services for whatever reason, it is "free".

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Jan-07-14 2:51 PM

Again, diverting from facts and your own comments, Puremagix. In fact YOU do advocate for government control, (your comment, this thread), "...I have always advocated some kinds of controls on healthcare cost..." And your reference to the Sahara Desert is NOT a fact.

You spend so much time trying to twist facts into your illogical ideology that it is no wonder you never learn or know anything beyond what you want to believe.

You are a republican and yet do not know anything about how your taxes are collected or where they go. You don't know the difference between Payroll Taxes and federal income taxes.

You have complained about the level of care your wife is receiving and yet you continue to quote the mythical "Canadian hunter" who you claim says Canadian health care is so poor. Your wife is receiving the level of care she is by for-profit hospitals. Do you ever listen to what you say or read what you have written?

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Jan-07-14 2:38 PM only have to hitt he 'post comment' tab ONCE!, only have to type the letter t once to spell hit! Just remember "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"

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Jan-07-14 9:34 AM

Puremagix, as usual, your comment attempts to divert from the facts. In this case I pointed out that it was the republican President, Ronald Reagan, who signed EMTALA into law. Like so many of you so-called "conservatives", you attribute not only your own shortcomings but also your lack of knowledge to the people you have been conditioned to hate and distrust, i.e., liberals, Democrats, progressives, et al.

I have a professional background in employee benefits and understand ACA as well as any person willing to spend a little time on the issue. I also advocate for single payer/universal health care coverage.

The republicans created a problem with EMTALA in which is now being partially addressed by ACA. You clearly never think about consequences and have no understanding of cause and effect.

Again, you divert. You do not know the difference between Payroll Taxes and federal income taxes.

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Jan-06-14 4:40 PM

Yep! I think they call it "the mark of the BEAST!"

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Jan-06-14 4:40 PM only have to hitt he 'post comment' tab ONCE!

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Jan-06-14 12:17 PM

Pretty much like a dog marks a fire hydrant, except urine is not corrupt (Fast and Furious, refusing to send security or help or even tell the truth about Benghazi, pardoning the WTC Blind Sheikh lawyer early) or corrosive (like all of these massive deficits, and unconstitutional actions such as ignoring immigration law, Defense of Marriage Act, homosexual 'marriage', and the Orwellian 'Affordable Care Act' aka Obamacare) not to mention using the organs of Government to suppress political opposition (IRS, NSA).

Obama is the snake in the Garden of America, and the big divide in this country is between those who follow God and those blinded by sin who want to believe the snake.

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