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Not all residents want Barbour readdressing

January 25, 2014

I am continuing to write about the Barbour County Office of Emergency Management and their efforts to change the addresses in the city of Philippi....

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Jan-27-14 2:48 AM

EVERYTHING being done today by the radical leftwing nut jobs is done to "keep the sheeple in line" at all times. Control, control, control.

But hey, What, Nellie, Walker, Oldblue, they LOVE being controlled. So a minority will love all there rights being removed from them.

I mean What, Walker, Nellie, Oldblue and Elkins don't like America or our Constitution anyway.

2016: Year Americans run the commies on left back into their holes they crawled out of........again!

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Jan-27-14 11:29 AM

The writer and some who commented need to seek out someone of authority in the EMS who can explain this needed venture as it appears there are some misconceptions on their part. It's been in exsistence throughout the nation for a long time and it works!. And, it's the last time your address will change.

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Jan-27-14 5:24 PM

Here we go again with the conspiracy theorist !! The sky is falling....better build those shelters, get the frypans and cover your heads......the sky is falling. And if anybody will be heading for their holes it will be the "snakes" on the right and the "tea(koolaid) drinkers. Hopefully they'll stay there.

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Jan-28-14 8:31 AM

Yeah's just a 'theory' that IRS was intentionally targeting conservatives/tea party member organizations and the NSA and CIA/FBI is spying on law-abiding citizens.

Oh and the liberals' 'theory' of police officers targeting minorities is just your theory eh?

Guess it's okay if the 'theory' is a liberal one. Your obvious hypocrisy and total stupidity is showing again Play.

Please respond. The laughs are good for the soul. lolololol.

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Jan-28-14 8:35 AM

FYI to Playfare and other stupid liberals:

It's NOT a 'theory' when PROVEN! Then it's a FACT.

Purchase or go online or to local library.

Step 2: Look up two words: "theory" and "FACT" and then read and try try try to 'comprehend' what you read.

Remember libs: Theory and Fact!

Poor uneducated, unthinking people. One step at a time, just making it my job to try to 'educate' the uneducated.

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Jan-28-14 11:19 AM

You won't be laughing next election. It must be bliss for you to live in your lunatic world. Keep drinking the koolaid, it will turn to poison real soon.........

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Jan-28-14 7:53 PM

Maybe in your ignorant Hillbilly world. I don't know what holler you crawled out of. You need to gather up your "white sheets" and crawl back in it......

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Jan-29-14 7:06 AM

Playfare, do you have 'anything' to contribute to the conversation/discussion or just want to come in here and attack the messengers? It's annoying and it gives you ZERO credibility and doesn't really help whatever it is you're trying to do.

You also shouldn't come in here calling others dumb hillbillies when YOU are the only one 'acting' the part.

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Jan-29-14 7:03 PM

Discussions? Messengers? There are no real discussions here. From what I read there are no messengers here either. Just propaganda and pointing fingers. It would be nice to have an intelligent conversation here between those who have some intelligence. Stupid Hillbillies, that term doesn't include all West Virginians. It's just that small population of those that would rather stay ignorant and not evolve into the "real world". To have a real conversation with someone, they also have to be willing to really converse, not to just write in to see how much you can peeve someone off. Which a few of you make it your only goal......Cowboy ? Last time I checked I don't have the equipment.

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