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EHS alum studying to become JAG officer

January 27, 2014

ELKINS — When Elkins resident Kaci Young had the opportunity to skip eighth grade and move on to Elkins High School, she and her family met with some resistance, but she is happy to report that......

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Jan-30-14 9:15 AM

Excellent point Major!!

With democrats...'qualifications' means nothing. Thus we have Obama as a President. Not working out well at all.

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Jan-29-14 6:43 PM

Majoritarian, I truly wish I understood 1/16 of what you attempted to say, however your incorrect use of grammar, misspelled words and lack of educated remarks leaves me no other choice but to avoid response. I don't feel like debating with someone on a second grade level.

Sincerely, Hiawatha ;)

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Jan-29-14 10:34 AM

You'd have a hay day in our little town just pointing out the things that people didn't rightfully earn or did so in a dirty manner. I heard from a friend that people were on here picking apart this article so I just wanted to comment and say that if ANYONE I know deserves this opportunity, it's Kaci. She is incredibly smart, witty, tactful, professional and hard working. She will make a wonderful lawyer and a fearless JAG. It's people like Kaci that Elkins should be putting on the billboards, not bashing behind a computer screen. Let your children know what hard work can earn you. Let them know there is a life outside of Elkins.She has worked diligently to obtain her goals that she set out to achieve many years ago. She never lost sight of what she wanted when obstacles got in her way. She overcame and for that, she will be very successful in life. Kaci is a role model to all of Elkins..young and old. Stay tuned for the rest of her worldly successes!

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Jan-29-14 10:24 AM

I didn't go to law school. Kaci did. Now, I work for the government (HUGE FAIL THERE) and Kaci is living out her dream. The difference between her and I? I wanted instant gratification. I wanted to earn money NOW. I didn't have the patience, the determination, the mindset to finish what we set out to do. She did. She's done nothing but work hard, kept her head in the books, established lifelong friendships, both professional and personal and flourishes in every aspect of her life. She has always made time for her family, her friends and enjoying a good time out at social events, but do not take anything away from how hard she has worked because you simply do not know. You are being a typical, judgmental Elkins resident and judging a book by it's cover. Hey.. if you are so good at pinpointing all the things people "didn't earn" in Elkins, why don't you stroll down Harrison Avenue and stop in the local government shops there, make a little pit stop over at the City Hall.

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Jan-29-14 10:20 AM

Kaci worked hard, earned top 10% of our class, was chosen for National Honor Society and won many scholarships to college that were hard earned. You see, they don't have you attach head shots to those applications, so it's not as easy as you'd think ;) She was active in Juniorettes, which is a branch of the Elkins Women's Club and worked hard on every project -- including giving the rest of her class a safe graduation party to ensure everyone's well being. I attended the same college with Kaci and one point, we had the same dream. We both decided that we wanted to attend law school. Immediately Kaci knew she wanted to be a JAG. I just knew I wanted to argue... and I wanted to win. I finished college in 3 years (hard work not dirty work) and was incredibly eager to get out into the "real world" and be an "adult". Kaci stayed behind and busted her but to obtain a Master's as well as her Bachelor's degree in just 5 short years.

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Jan-29-14 10:17 AM

Kaci's heart and determination, a long with the understanding and encouragement of a loving family are what has gotten her this far in life. It's a sad day in America when I sit here in 2014 and have to defend a hard working woman because ANOTHER woman is putting her down for "how she got somewhere". Go read a book! Educate yourselves on WHY women are discriminated against. It's not typically because of "the man" or "the good ole boys club"; it's more commonly some lowly jealous woman who doesn't want to work to achieve her goals so just assumes every woman who does did some dirty work to achieve hers. Like I was saying before, I went to high school with Kaci. I got to know her well in school. We were classmates all through high school. Together, we took classes at D&E, as high school students, because we wanted out of the small town, small brained, sheltered city of Elkins. Everything in this article is fact (shocking for Elkins IM, I know)...

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Jan-29-14 10:13 AM

I, too am an Elkins alum and was in school for almost a decade with Ms. Young. You see, when she came to EHS a year early and everyone bad mouthed her and IMMATURELY judged her then, as children typically do, I took her under my wing. She was very bright, very shy and incredibly sweet. She has a heart the size of Texas and little ever get to know what a true gem she is because they are intimidated by her beauty and brains. Instead of mustering up the courage to speak to her or get to know her, they've picked her apart and found something to dwell on. For example, her "cosmetics", c'mon chick, really? Jealousy is an ugly, ugly trait. Kaci is beautiful and some would probably say blessed with her physique. The fact of the matter is, when you grow up and become an adult, you will realize that it's what is on the inside that counts. You can change your hair, you can alter your face, go buy fake boobs... but you can't change your heart. (continued..)

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Jan-29-14 10:09 AM

I have vowed and declared I would never comment on these articles because of people like most of you who do so and give live websites, the Intermountain and of course, Elkins a bad name. But, it's mornings like today that I am so thankful to no longer live in a place that cannot accept that the younger generation want little to do with our beloved hometown -- and let me just say, it's not because OUR generation is to blame. Bashing someone who worked hard, dedicated herself to her education and becoming a better person and got out of Elkins to search for the REAL world out there may be entertainment for some, but let me enlighten you....(to be continued)

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Jan-28-14 8:46 AM

Meant to finish with "it doesn't mean a mothers job is a waste of time like this feminist liberal nut job who obviously is jealous of women with husbands and kids says!!!

The constant envy liberals show daily is mindboggling. Not our fault if these feminazi's can't find a husband. Like everything else; they blame those they are jealous of.

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Jan-28-14 8:44 AM

"I think being part of a group or organization is great for building self-confidence," Young said.

FIRST and of utmost importance is that one must be careful and mindful of "WHAT" organization you'll be joining up with.

There's a lot of organizations out there 'targeting' young kids that are not what they appear up front to be. Most are negative about our country, our Republic, religion, offer nothing but hate against anyone who disagrees with them.

And I would like to mention that just because a liberal feminist like the one that hit Twitter this week, makes stupid ignorant liberal remarks like, "I look down on women with husbands and kids" doesn't mean a MOTHER'S and WIFE'S job caring for her family by doing for them and training, teaching them is one of the HARDEST and BEST jobs in the world. The most IMPORTANT one too!

Where would this young lady in the article be without her MOTHER? Or FATHER to encourage her and help her find her way?


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Jan-28-14 5:37 AM

Maj, Any time I see your comments, I have to disagree with you because they're so utterly baseless.

That said, I know this lady. She was smart and she did work hard, but insufferable and vain oh gosh. I don't doubt she earned what she got but deserves it, well, that's a little more subjective. But I guess throwing out my opinion is worthless. Like pretty much all of your comments :D

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Jan-27-14 12:15 PM

Majoritarian - Cosmetic things will only get you so far in life - certainly not through law school and the army. There's a green film covering your eyes - remove it and you'll be a much happier person.

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