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Oversight should belong to state

February 11, 2014

By definition, both the state of West Virginia and the federal government failed about 300,000 Mountain State residents badly last month....

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Feb-14-14 10:12 AM

Now the left's "investigation" of IRS intimidation and outright discrimination of conservative tax free organizations has proven (dems say!) that there was no intimidation or bias.

Obama claims, "IRS and this administration hasn't a "smidgen" of corruption." Uh-huh...right...

Now, this week democrats demanding IRS get MORE aggressive with conservative groups before election to prevent them from giving donations to conservatives.

I ask...which is the lie democrats? Are IRS intentionally discriminationg and using bully tactics against conservative groups or aren't they? To say you want MORE aggression from IRS against us ADMITS GUILT and LIES!!!

Now, ACLU and UNIONS joining with tea party sueing the federal govt/IRS ... what's this tell you?

Dems finished!

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Feb-14-14 10:08 AM

Democrats panicky! Support for democrats is dwindling so bad; Pelosi wants to change Constitution and force taxpayers to 'support' political campaigns. (She didn't say whether we'd have a CHOICE which party we wanted our tax share to go to). wink wink....more dictatorship and stupidity from the left!

So, that was last week. Now, THIS week, democrats want IRS to get MORE agressive against "conservative" tax-free status charitable organizations so they can't talk, do anything, spend any money on specific 'candidates' or give any sort of list of who voted for what before elections coming up in 2016.

Yeah sure....sound like democrats are WORRIED?? LOL. No matter what they do now...those two things will GUARANTEE their ousting in 2016.

Like I said, democrats...keep acting arrogant and dictator're digging your own political graves.

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Feb-13-14 9:14 AM

No Morals

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Feb-13-14 9:13 AM

In order to understand what the left is up to, you first must understand who they are. Remember the Hippies of the 60's and 70's? These are the children, or in some cases, these are the dope smokers, criminals and perverts of the hippy era, who finally figured out that their protesting was getting them nowhere, or in the incident of Kent State, killed, so they traded their ragged clothes for three piece suits, cut their hair and started working their way into local government.

They progressed from there to state government, and then into national politics, hence we have the socialist misfits we have in government today. They were raised with morals or any sense of right an wrong, and their children were raised the same way. This is what we have to work with. Sad, isn't it?

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Feb-12-14 3:38 PM

Maj...the left have great difficulty 'thinking' past the moment; much less thinking ahead at 'consequences.' They don't like our history; therefore they aren't interested in looking back and learning from past mistakes.

Unfortunately the only ideas the left have are the very ones that have been KNOWN to have been tried and failed. For some odd reason, liberals think if they keep trying same socialist methods over and over, eventually they'll see a different result.

Show us ONE, just ONE socialist/communist nation that hasn't failed the people? Waiting...

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Feb-11-14 4:58 PM

Miss, none of us will live long enough to see coal mined out. The entire underbelly of this state has coal seams running all through it, not to mention how many seams lay one atop another. Some are too deep to mine, but there's enough coal in this state to last a couple thousand years. The big thing is getting rid of the econuts and get back to using it. With the scrubbers on the stacks, the air quality is more than compliant. Look at the Haywood Power Station in Harrison County. I have a friend that lives almost under it, and he doesn't have a complaint one. About the only thing coming out of the cooling towers is steam.

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Feb-11-14 2:49 PM

I sure do hope the outside liberals keep harping on WV voters and our coal. It's a campaign killer for the left. Yep; keep putting us down, disrespecting us, calling us hillbillies, trying to kill the rest of our economy. Do it for the GOP!!! Thank you. We don't need advertising when the left does a much better job for us. Goodbye democrats.

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Feb-11-14 2:47 PM

MisInform: Because coal is a FINITE resource, there needs to be an alternative for future electricity generation...ya know, for when the coal is all mined out?

LOLOLOL. Oh you democrats. Really? And you all kept telling us for DECADES that by now our oil and gas would be gone too.

FACTS. Do you have any? Do you realize how much COAL is in WV hills? DO you realize other states have TONS AND TONS of coal in their ground too? Uh, I know how the left works; SCARE TACTICS.

NewsFlash: WV folks don't SCARE and we don't RUN from outsiders who think THEY know more than we do.

WV folks dont listen to nonsense. We're straight-forward, pretty darn honest and give NO thoughts to crazy inuendos from people in the DNC with a big money making $$$$ globalist scheme.

In other words....leave us alone...Thanks but NO THANKS!!!

You outsiders obviously do not understand West Virginians. You WON"T win this battle against coal here. Guarantee you!

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Feb-11-14 12:44 PM

Remember the disaster that ensued when the chemical used to wash the air used by wind turbines to generate electricity spilled and endangered hundreds of thousands of people in the State of West Virginia? No? Because it did not happen! Because coal is a FINITE resource, there needs to be an alternative for future electricity generation...ya know, for when the coal is all mined out?

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Feb-11-14 12:14 PM

Agree TopGun....too busy with liberal priorities aka destroying WV economy to pay attention to the safety of citizens.

Yeah, I feel real safe now democrats. Oh wow; another bill, another regulation that you all won't follow!

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Feb-11-14 12:12 PM

I love how the democrats run swiftly to make more UNFOLLOWED regulations.

MORE regulations apparently didn't equal 'doing your job' in the past; so I don't see how another stupid BILL is going to make WV citizens feel safe. You didn't do your job this time....and I suspect this changes nothing!

Just do your JOB! Is that so much to ask from your own govt???????????? (Don't answer that.) geez

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Feb-11-14 10:53 AM

The state DEP and the EPA are too busy screwing with the coal companies to worry about petty little things like our water supply. This chemical was cleared by the EPA as a less toxic alternative to the other chemicals used in the coal production. Obama has put everything on hold except coal, and he's doing his level best to destroy it.

Even Japan admitted that coal was the only alternative to nuclear and gas to generate electric. Now that their nuclear plants are shut down, they will likely go back to coal. We are the only fools switching away from it and we will pay in the way of higher electric bills.

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