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Obama goes over familiar terrain

February 22, 2014

If nature abhors a vacuum, the last months, indeed years, could have fooled me. Barack Obama and his enemies have gone back and forth over the same political terrain for more than five years....

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Feb-22-14 8:03 AM

To be honest, I couldn't care less how many laws they write, I wouldn't go to the Obamacare website for love nor money. The government needs to obey their own laws on hacking. I'd feel safer putting a computer on the internet without an antivirus program.

For once, why don't you be honest with yourself and your readers and expose Obama for what he is. Most of us already know but it would be nice to see one of his minions telling the truth for a change rather than having their lips planted firmly on his back side. I would think you'd get tired of the view back there. Man up Turner, and stop being the beady eyed liberal weasel you appear to be. If you heard the truth for a change, who knows, maybe even you could become a conservative after the proper cleansing and debriefing sessions.

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Feb-22-14 8:04 AM

Turner, you are either the most easily fooled individual I've ever seen, or a person so full of crap it oozes out your ears. Let's take a quick look at Obama's election win. First, scant few in this country with any sense at all remotely believes he's legal to be president, and the fact that several voting districts showed favorable votes for Obama exceeding 100%. Since we depend on the government to give us the real poop on who won an election, and the fact that Obama had the media in his pocket, right bedside the owner of the company that wrote the software for the electronic voting machines, the man couldn't lose.

Obama has shown to be a liar, and the primary reason he keeps covering the same ground is to revisit the lies he told, and to cover his butt. I assume you remember his promise that those who wished to could keep their present healthcare coverage? Well, we saw how well that worked when millions lost their coverage, which came a no surprise to most of us.

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Feb-22-14 5:29 PM

The writings of both Dr.Turner and Joe from Elkins are refreshing and dignified and thus are in sharp contrast to the repetitive offerings of Top Gun whose very name,(Poison pen name, that is), bespeaks hate,especially towards Afro-Americans which his keyboard has been pre-set to deny.

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Feb-23-14 10:16 AM

Joe, Utopia doesn't exist anywhere other than in the minds of delusional liberals. You clutter that small cavity between your ears with psychotic images of a Clinton White House again, but it isn't going to happen. She has more dirt in her past, she could start a Georgia cotton plantation between her ears. Benghazi is here baby and it will be her demise if she tries a run for the White House. I suggest you try someone else because Hillary will NEVER sit in the White House, unless it's during one of the ego stroking sessions her and Obama has.

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Feb-24-14 9:17 AM

For instance, they have fought Obama's attempts at socio-economic reform with some success.

The environmental initiations they drive back, even given the mounting evidence that things have gone wrong in trying to protect our air and water. Gun control is a virtual non-starter.

THANK GOD the Conservatives have STOPPED Obama the socialist lover from turning our christian nation into one that satan would be proud of. I guess that tells us which side Mr. Turner is on. He apparently hates the idea that we've STOPPED Obama's gun control stupidity and his further socialistic goals. Mr. Turner should get out more often; visit China, Cuba, Russia. Stay there a while. Speak out like you do here about those countries while you're there. See how far it gets you. Then, perhaps, you'll better understand what socialism, communism, marxism truly is. It's not the lies Obama tells you. Ask the immigrants that came to America from those countries. Turner trying to hard to defend Obama. LOL.

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Feb-24-14 9:22 AM

Reading Turners, and other liberals' comments on here has proven to me one thing: It's getting much more difficult to continue trying to 'defend' Obama's socialistic policies, ideas and lawlessness!

Even one liberal contributor from Fox news stated she's TIRED of trying to defend Obamacare when it appears Obama isn't even trying to fix all the hundreds and still counting...problems mounting with the website and the truth about it. The lies Obama and dems told citizens about it have yet to come true. Can't keep your insurance; Can't keep your own doctors; Can't keep anything they promised. Lies and deceit is the ONLY way they got anything passed. It's just too bad there's that many ignorant voters that keep believing the lies. Apparently 67% of democrat voters woke up, that's the number of dems who said they would NOT vote for Obama aain if he could run. About time they woke up!!!

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Feb-24-14 9:24 AM


THEN...arrest, charge and imprison Pelosi as SHE was speaker of the house then and SHE signed UNDER OATH that Obama 'qualified' and 'passed' ALL legalities 'required' under the Constitution of the United States to be a President of the United States.

There is going to eventually come a day of recompense. I think the democrats know this; is why they're retiring, resigning and RUNNING (away!).

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Feb-24-14 12:37 PM

Liberals are not running away from anything or anyone nor are we about to "cowl down" to the likes of the Republican Party. If anything it sounds like the "right wingers" are in a panic by the way they rant and insult. Their party is drowning and dying in a pool of lies and deceit of their own making. It has been blatant and no matter how many times they repeat themselves it will not make the rederick suddenly become fact. They have screwed over the folks that they were supposed to be representing for a check from the wealthy. Lack of wealth doesn't make you blind or deaf. The people have seen and heard. They will vote accordingly. Nobody to blame but themselves.......

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Feb-25-14 6:06 AM

I have a dream: Obama is impeached

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Feb-25-14 6:43 AM

Harley:I have a dream: Obama is impeached.

One day, Harley...maybe we can vote some REAL men and women to office that CARE about our LAWS and do just that.

My dream is impeach, arrest, charge and IMPRISON without chance of parole!

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Feb-25-14 6:44 AM

Oh, and while we're on the subject Hildy, I do not wish to attract anyone on the left and convert them to conservatism. It's odd that you mentioned flies, since they are attracted to dead and rotting objects, which just happens to be exactly what's left in the wake of anything controlled by liberals. No thanks, we don't want liberals polluting the conservative philosophy. We are busy right now sorting out the infiltrators who sneaked in under the radar by switching parties. Just so you know, you can't convert anyone to conservatism. It's a state of mind you are incapable of understanding.

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Feb-25-14 6:46 AM

Hildy says:The cruel myth almost beatified by Top Gunner et al about our president being born in Kenya is a racist remark however hotly denied by those who claim they are not racially bigoted.

THAT has racist undertones Hildy.

Did you know that WHITE people are born and live in Kenya TOO? Obviously you ignorantly do not know that. Your own assumptions show how utterly wrong you can be without even trying hard. Liberalism is blinding you and causing you to attack others for no other reason but to CHOOSE to be mean-spirited!

Grow up. Educate yourself. Stop being so intolerant.

Left show NO tolerance; NO compassion. Pity!

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Feb-25-14 6:50 AM

Hildy......STOP calling us racist. You're treading on dangerous ground. NOTHING in my comments is racist.

Not only blacks are born in Kenya. There are PLENTY of other races born and raised there. Educate yourself and learn some geography and learn about other places around the world and the people who live there. It may help for future reference.

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Feb-25-14 6:51 AM

Play, you obviously haven't been paying attention to the news. Democrats are leaving the DNC like rats jumping off a sinking ship. Even the Intermountain has a article about a possible shift in who controls the government, state and federal. Whether you choose to admit it or not, the string of lies by this administration had doomed the Democratic Party. You can sit there like Nero and fiddle while roam burns if you like, but the left's fate is sealed. Hide and watch.

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Feb-25-14 6:52 AM

Rome, pardon the typo.

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Feb-25-14 7:06 AM

playfare says:They have screwed over the folks that they were supposed to be representing for a check from the wealthy.

Yeah those democrats took a LOT of $$$ from those wealthy wall streeters; bankers; big pharmaceutical companies. Here's the list in case you FORGOT about democrats BIG RICH DONORS:

From LIBERAL Huff Post: Michelle Obama urged Democratic donors at a fundraiser in Los Angeles Wednesday to “write a big, fat check” to help the party's incumbents and challengers win in November. Donors had to pay at least $1,000 to attend the reception, and could pay as much as $32,400 to meet the first lady in a separate, more intimate gathering.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield gave to dems: $28,491,678. AND...the hypocrite dems...Though President Barack Obama called super PACs a "threat to democracy" before embracing them last February in his own reelection effort, he and members of his inner circle had no trouble meeting with the kind of people who contribute to them.

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Feb-25-14 7:14 AM

Democrat big money donors that the left like to 'downplay' because hey, according to the left, only the right accept big donations from big corporations. Yeah right. Hypocrites on left don't want you to know who and how much they get:

Reinier Beeuwkes III, president of the pharmaceutical company, Ischemix, and his wife Nancy, a retired nurse, are longtime Democratic donors and fundraisers--in the current election cycle, they've contributed a total of $259,300 to federal candidates and the Democratic Party. The Beeuwkes attended a White House reception with President Obama on Dec. 16, 2010, White House visitor records show.

Lawrence Fish is a prominent donor from the Northeast. He's chairman of Citizens Financial Group, Inc. a bank holding company, and also serves on the board of luxury jewelry company Tiffany & Co. In the aggregate, Democrats candidates were the leading beneficiaries of corporate and business campaign spending, but Republicans netted the largest donations fro

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Feb-25-14 7:16 AM

In the aggregate, Democrats candidates were the leading beneficiaries of corporate and business campaign spending, but Republicans netted the largest donations from business to individual candidates.

More INDIVIDUALS give to the right; and more BIG CORPORATIONS give to the left.

So there Joefromelkins....your bias is showing on this easily researched problem. Dems 'pretend' to hate big corporations yet they receive MORE money from them than any other political party! Just one more proof of how hypocritical & deceitful the dems are. Smart folks are NOT deceived by the left. We KNOW the truth!

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Feb-25-14 8:17 AM

I don't watch your brand of news. Faux "news" is just a mouthpiece for the "rightwingers". Keep on listening to the lies and drinking their "koolaid".

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Feb-25-14 8:44 AM

Socialist Venzuela falling apart. Socialism ALWAYS FAILS!

Lib media won't report what's happening there because American liberals would SEE that they tried same thing Obama is doing here and it's FAILING.

Venezuelan health care system collapsing November 6, 2013 - 10:41 am

The perils of government-run health care. It's crumbling.........and protesting in the streets is getting their socialist prez killing citizens outcrys. Socialism is MISERY for all EXCEPT the socialist leaders that is. EXPECT THIS SOON FOR AMERICA under Obama's socialist policies! Obamacare already a failed healthcare and it hasn't even truly began to take effect on most yet. YET being 'key.'

Go online to news outlet hotair and find out what local/national media REFUSES to tell you!!!

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Feb-25-14 8:49 AM

Venzuela's Socialist experiment like Obama's here is producing:

Equal misery for all!

Toilet paper shortages; govt murdering protestors; Rolling blackouts; Govt shutting down Twitter feeds; any source of info from its citizens;

The 'cult of Chavez' is still going strong in Venzuela. Venzuela prez asking for MORE special decree powers. Like he isn't a big enough dictator now.

Venzuela's socialist govt healtcare is collapsing. TAKE NOTE OBAMANITES!

Venzuela prez wants to "seize U.S. oil rigs."

Real life: Venezuela’s Maduro orders military occupation… of electronics stores. Sound familiar America?

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Feb-25-14 8:53 AM

playfare: once again YOUR false wrong 'accusations' and stupid 'presumptions' are dead wrong. How's it feel to always be WRONG in your childish assumptions of others?

Huffington Post is a liberal site and that is on THEIR site also. LOL. Not ALL liberals are so stupid evidently; even Huff Post 'admits' at times when the left are WRONG!

For your future reference: I have netflix NO cable; NO satellite dish. Therefore....NO FOX NEWS. So that puts your assumptions in the ROUND FILE!! Thanks for the laughs.

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Feb-25-14 8:55 AM

The award for laughs goes to......


The left in here would like us to believe that all democrat politicians are POOR. OMG!! Laughing so hard...yep; isn't that funny?

I guess play thinks Rockefeller is a poor soul?? LOLOLOL.; Rofl...

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Feb-25-14 8:59 AM

For Video: Venezuela’s Maduro urges calm as his imposition of “fair” retail prices doesn’t work out so well; go to the hotair 'dot' com site. SEE what's going on with countries that have already experimented with "socialism" like Obama's administration is trying here so you KNOW what to expect in America soon!!

Liberal media doesn't want you to know this is happening. Makes this administration look bad. tsk tsk....uh-oh!! As Rockefeller, Obama and other dems like to say; "that darn Internet." How dare the internet allow citizens to SEE what's really going on!

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Feb-25-14 9:00 AM

Venezuela’s “economic war” escalating quickly as Maduro throws 100 business owners in jail.

And what happens to those workers? STARVING!

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