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Armstead: GOP may take majority

Candidates speak at Upshur County Lincoln Day Dinner

February 24, 2014

BUCKHANNON — The keynote speaker at the Upshur County Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday said he is confident the republican party could finally take the majority vote in the House of Delegates with thi......

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Feb-25-14 10:48 AM

" If you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own"

Wes Nisker

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Feb-25-14 9:34 AM

Left getting 'perturbed' at TRUTH being set straight to citizens.

TRUTH is what hurts the left's socialist mentality!

I will not stay silent anymore while the left attempts to make our christian nation into a godless morally bankrupt failed socialist 'experiment' like what is happening in socialist Venzuela at this very moment!

If biased media won't do their JOBS; we, the citizens MUST!

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Feb-25-14 9:29 AM

House Republican leaders have scheduled a vote this week on legislation that would halt most insurance premium increases called for under a 2012 law intended to bolster the significantly underfunded National Flood Insurance Program.

NOW; let's watch the democrat-controlled Senate NOT vote on it and sit on that vote like they've been doing for 5 years now on 30-plus JOBS BILLS that republicans in the House passed years ago!

OR; watch democrats in senate vote AGAINST IT!

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Feb-25-14 6:21 AM 'say' all politicians are liars yet you defend the dems. Yeah, sure, whatever!

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Feb-25-14 6:19 AM

wvworkingperson says:Get a LIFE, TruthSeeker.

Newsflash: I have a WONDERFUL life! But thanks for your concern, even if it was done mean-spirited which is nothing new from the left.

Can I assume that comment has 'racist undertones' as the left in here keep telling me all the time? I know in reality it has nothing to do with racism; but hey if left can use it on anything they don't like....why can't we?? LOLOLOL.

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Feb-25-14 6:17 AM

wvworking says:Get a LIFE, TruthSeeker. Politicans are all crooks and liars.

and 'why' should I listen to YOU? I don't know you. Maybe it's you that isn't being truthful?!?!?!

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Feb-25-14 6:16 AM

joefromelkins says: So, truthseeker. Nixon's wasn't a Republican? Or a quitter? Or a crook?

LOLOLOLOL. ONE long gone and dead republican is ALL you can name? Well I consider that pretty good stats compared to 59 quitting giving up liberals LIVING today that's recently quitting; giving up.

I feel for you's painful to see your party leaving you all behind. Not a good feeling is it????

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Feb-25-14 6:13 AM

Progressive democrat party is finished. And they cannot deal with it. LOL.

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Feb-25-14 6:12 AM

Joefromelkins thinks:And, the earth is a whole 6000 years old. LOLOL

As a christian, I've read the Bible and the archeological digs all over the world and a lot of it right here in the USA PROVES the 'earth' is NOT flat and this 'earth's age' is BILLIONS of years old and not 6000 years old. WHERE DO YOU GET ALL YOUR FALSE INFO ANYWAY?

Joe...your info is flawed! You need to stop listening to the left's lies. Lots of real christians can see that when it comes to the earth's age...God's Word AND science agree the same. It's ONLY those lazy proclaimed people who refuse to open their Bibles and READ/STUDY and then look at all the 'proof' from archeological digs that keep claiming it's only 6000 years old. You are quite 'confused.' (God said, "study to show thyself approved."

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Feb-24-14 5:44 PM

Do a little research. When it comes to which political party is best for the American economy, it's not the GOP. As history shows, from economic growth,and job creation to stock market performance, and just about every other indicator of the health of American capitalism, the modern U.S. economy has almost always done better under Democratic presidents. Despite what republicans would have you believe, America generally gained more jobs and grew faster when taxes were higher and income inequality was lower. The economy under republican presidents generally favors lower taxes for bussineses.

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Feb-24-14 2:03 PM

Dingell...59 years!! THAT is the problem. NO politician should serve 59 years in office! Voters need to smarten up!

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Feb-24-14 2:03 PM

Another democrat bites the dust: Representative John Dingell, a Democrat from Michigan, announces his retirement after record 59 years in Congress.

Notice how since they've bankrupted the country and they don't have anymore of our money to play around with....they're all RUNNING AWAY from the problems they created?????


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Feb-24-14 9:01 AM

I would like the InterMountain to explain 'why' we aren't allowed to comment on the WV News articles on here.

Are the democrat leaders/governor THAT thin-skinned that they cannot take the negative comments to their constant yelping about raising our taxes? Or is it just that they do NOT care what we think? Hmm...

Didn't Gov. Tomblin and democrats few months ago tell InterMountain that they passed a bill for TRANSPARENCY????? Yeah, now where have we heard that bull before? Oh yeah the Democrat run current administration under Obama. Sorry, NOT buying the lies and deceit anymore. Wake up people; dems aren't finished yet with taxes. They even admitted now (with election coming up) is not a good time for this. Oh, but they'll just do it AFTER the election. Vote them OUT!!!

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Feb-24-14 8:57 AM

Of course this is the right time as our democrat leaders in WV last week met together with Governor Tomblin to discuss "raising WV citizens' taxes once again." And oh yeah, that tax they removed from food? Forget about it! They discussed raising SALES TAXES and you can bet once again the democrats will put the tax back on food. This food tax disappeared years ago when a democrat gov. turned around months later and raised the sales tax on non food items and then put the sales tax BACK on food. It's a game they play over and over. They are NOT interested in the people of WV and their circumstances; they only care about taking MORE of YOUR hard-earned money for their political pork projects.

The InterMountain had the tax raising meeting last week on this under "WV NEWS." Of course they never allow anyone to "comment" on WV news as it would 'irritate' the Democrat Governor and the democrat leaders in the state to hear all the 'negative' responses to it. Ya

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