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Obama’s legacy is in danger

March 29, 2014

After a defeat in a special election in Florida, dire predictions of Democratic disaster at the polls accelerated among the punditry. Suddenly it was Obamacare which sank Alex Sink at the polls....

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Apr-05-14 7:23 PM

When stupid people vote for unintelligent stupid people, THIS is the result! Stupid reigns! Enjoy your breadlines!

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Apr-04-14 7:03 AM

LEt me sum up Obama's Legacy:

Obama Administration: A ship full of dictators! Corrupt, liars, deceivers, thieves, lawless, arrogant, full of themselves, ignorant, unintelligent and the biggest lack of good judgment this country's ever seen in one party!!

We're not tolerating this administration and party anymore. We are going to vote you all out of office. It will be a long long long time before they ever see the WH or congress again! They did it to themselves with their arrogant abuses of power and lack of leadership.

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Apr-04-14 7:00 AM

Democrats just keep making excuses for the democrats in congress and WH. Voters don't want 'excuses' for their lies/deceit/bad policies. They want intelligent, good policies that bring and help JOBS; that doesn't destroy them. They want told the TRUTH not lies 24x7. They want less govt involvement in their personal lives/business not arrogant stupid people thinking they know what's best for others. They don't want discriminated against just because we don't agree with you. We want justice not a ship full of dictators picking/choosing who gets justice!!

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Apr-04-14 6:56 AM might want to catch up with the year "2014."

FYI: I know it's going to be a big shock to you but Nixon's been out of office for quite some time now. BTW: So has Bush.

Try to keep up with CURRENT events!

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Apr-04-14 6:54 AM

LOL. Mr. Turner wants Obama and dems to bring back "the old themes?" LOLOLOL. It's the "old themes" of lies/false promises and socialist policies that are destroying them.

I hear the 'desperation' Turner. You're fighting a losing battle attempting to continue to defend this great deceiver in the WH and his cohorts in congress. Or haven't you noticed? One lie, public MIGHT forgive you; thousands and you are FINISHED!

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Apr-01-14 7:56 AM

The ignorant people on left just keep lowering their standards with each 'endorsement' of their next so called 'brilliant one.' lol. Imagine what the next stupid one will be. It's all downhill from here with the Democrats. Bottom of the barrel reaching now. Progressive dems have zero credibility and zero intelligent thinking.

Obama's legacy and DNC legacy will be what they deserve: A legacy of deceit, lies and corruptness!

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Mar-31-14 4:03 PM

Middle of June 2014; time that Obama's picked Federal Reserve top dog, Janet yellen intends to STOP buying our debt bonds that have been keeping the economy 'seemingly' and 'falsely' propped up. Guess what happens then? Retirement funds/IRA's and 401(k)s lose their value overnight! Much moreso than in 2009!

Guess who wins? The crooks in DC and Wall Street and Federal Reserve which is NOT a government entity; it's PRIVATELY held bank of Rockefellers/Rothchilds, etc that are stealing from people to enrich themselves. (And you thought democrats/Obama hated Corporate wealthy elitists!) Jokes on you!!!

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Mar-31-14 3:57 PM

Dems losing elections already. America is for the REAL change. A change for JOBS not democrat lies; change for accountability not democrat lies; change for REAL transparency not democrat lies!

You can see how desperate they're getting too. They know they're finished. And they're getting exactly what they deserve. FIRE them all.

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Mar-30-14 10:23 PM

Nicely said TopGun. But I blame Nixon.

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Mar-29-14 2:25 PM

TruthSeether: "democrats did it to themselves."

I think it is safe to say both sides do it to themselves almost every time they become a majority. I think we should shake it up and rid this bi-partisan stupidity into multiple parties which emphasise on given issues. Currently some of my political views are on one side and some are on the other. Perhaps multiple smaller parties would serve our interests better. Or we can just keep watching this rediculous tennis match between Redumblicans and Dumbocrats.

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Mar-29-14 10:38 AM

And could add obstinate, stubborness, twisted justice, gun running scheme with holder, attorney general which is just as big a joke on Americans as Eric Holder refuses like Obama to bring criminals to justice.

Turner, where's your comments on Obama's secret 2009 ALTERING of the FOIA????

Left just ignore the thousands of WRONGS this administration does.

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Mar-29-14 7:14 AM

Still promoting the lie, right Turner? Employment has not improved, in fact, it has gotten worse. The numbers only look better because 2 million people lost their unemployment extensions. It's an old trick used by the Democrats for decades to make the stats look better for them, only this time, the people are more informed and they know it's an outright lie to say more people are working.

It's going to get a lot more gloomy as the year wears on for the Democrats. Their lies and dirty tricks have worn very thin with the voters, and it will show at the polls. America is waking up only to realize they've were taken in by the left's slick talk and deceptions. Even the college students have a snoot full of Obama and his band of merry thieves. It's going to be a gloomy year for your buddies in Washington.

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