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Boos & Applause

March 29, 2014

Editor’s note: During the course of a week, issues are covered that might not lend themselves to full editorial comment, but they are worthy of The Inter-Mountain weighing in — pro, con or neutral....

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Apr-05-14 7:41 PM

The Liars Party Reigns.

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Apr-04-14 7:08 AM

The party of NO SENSE is losing elections. Americans have had enough of misery for 5 years under destructive, negative, hateful democrats.

The party of no tolerance, and bullying is over. Democrats losing elections.

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Apr-01-14 4:33 PM

Be interesting to find out if Obama's attorney general Eric Holder's Fast & Furious gun running/selling scheme is partly responsible. After all, Holder is responsible for several american citizens' deaths over some of those weapons HE SOLD to drug lords in Mexico!! If Leland Yee gets arrested/charged....why isn't Eric Holder is prison too???????????

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Apr-01-14 4:31 PM

California democrat Leland Yee, caught and arrested/charged with gun trafficking to mobsters/gangs. Now, democrats lose supermajority and are in Panic Mode! Can you say disgusting hypocrites? Voters are fed up with the lies, deceit, corruptness of this party. can we SUE the dem administration for crimes comitted on streets of USA with guns? THEY are selling the criminals/felons the weapons. Yeah, sure they really 'care' about crime with guns; THEY ARE ONES CAUSING IT!

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Apr-01-14 4:28 PM

THIS is how corrupt and hypocritical the left are: Breaking news on California congressman Leland Yee...

“If there ever has been a more nauseating corruption scandal in Sacramento, I’m not aware of it. Certainly not in the past 50 years,” writes Times political columnist George Skelton. “The notion of a legislator masquerading as a gun control crusader while offering to help a mobster traffic in automatic rifles and rocket launchers is beyond hypocrisy. It’s sick.” Now California democrats lose supermajority. They're in 'damage control' over this. Just like Obama/Eric Holder's gun running, Fast & Furious yet they got by with it. Now this criminal caught gun running. What? Are dems in gun trafficking business now??? Is that how they get all those $$$ for campaign cash??????????????

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Apr-01-14 7:52 AM

BOO to big lie that the right is the party of the rich!

AP news this week admits the real Party of the Rich is....(drum roll....) the DEMOCRATS in congress!!!

And the little people ignorantly and blindly stay in poverty 'believing' the democrat lies fed to them hourly. You can't fix stupid people; they'll always blindly be led by the nose as they clearly stay in poverty since democrats took over WV since 1928. WV still a POOR state with nothing to offer. Thank a Democrat today!

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Apr-01-14 6:59 AM

BOO to dems/Obama for decision to 'change' Currency Laws on July 1, 2014.

I want to hear liberals who support these crooks when they're told they cannot withdrawal any amount of money they want from their own bank accounts. Yeah, Obama doing exactly what Cyprus and other bankrupt nations did several years ago.

Middle of June this year, Obama's Fed Reserve ceo Janet Yellen going to STOP propping up economy/wall street by buying our own debt bonds; dominoe effect will cause inflation worse than 2008; losing a lot of money in working folks retirement accounts, IRAs and 401(k)s.

Stupid voters Warning: Next time an idiot tells you they'll change things; might want to ask them "change what and how?" Can't fix stupid!!!

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Mar-29-14 3:02 PM

(clap) (clap) (clap) (clap). I think we need to start up like a "Making Sense" party together or something. If your going to say Republicans than nevermind.

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Mar-29-14 10:26 AM

Drug users rob, rape, murder to get the drugs/money to keep themselves in supply. So what's the democrats' definition of "harsh criminals?"

Worst most corrupt administration in American history is THIS ONE!

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Mar-29-14 10:22 AM

BOO to Governor Tomblin for vetoeing the 20-week abortion ban!

Time to get democrats OUT of WV govt. NOt voting for any of them in November. Enough is enough. WV will never become prosperous and get good jobs with democrat controlling it.

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