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Drug bills might have saved lives

April 2, 2014

At a higher rate than residents of any other state, West Virginians kill themselves with drug overdoses....

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Apr-10-14 8:51 AM

Liberals hypocrisy is astounding!

Liberals like to try to 'save everybody from themselves and any harm' or so they say; yet their own policies do more harm to those they say they are helping.

IF democrats claim they want to help people...then why do same bunch of democrats REFUSE to help the most innocent among humans; unborn babies?

Hypocrisy is the most transparent in this party out of all parties. Saying one thing; doing quite the opposite.

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Apr-04-14 6:35 AM

Just one more simple-minded bill from simple-minded legislators that has NOTHING to do with saving lives and EVERYTHING to do with giving a "get out of jail FREE" card to drug pushers/users/sellers!!!

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Apr-04-14 6:34 AM

Oh this bill had NOTHING to do with saving lives. It has to do with "allowing drug pushers/sellers" to NOT pay for their crime!!!

BTW: Why save a drug addicts life when they're only going to leave the hospital and go back to do it again?

You cannot help someone who isn't ready to receive help and HELP THEMSELVES!!!

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Apr-03-14 6:44 AM

Play, the medical community loves to prescribe these powerful drugs. They get a kickback from the pharmaceutical companies for using their drugs. Next time you go to the doctor's office, look around. If you see all sorts of goodies in their waiting room from the drug companies, find another doctor. These jerks will give you morphine for a headache. You can bet if they are inundated with free gifts from the drug companies, you'll never see Penicillin for an infection. They'll give you a prescription of some powerful new antibiotic costing $150 for 20 pills.

When I see that, I got to another doctor or refuse to fill these prescriptions, or make tell them I want penicillin of some other derivative of it like amoxicillin. I'm not financing their money making drug schemes.

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Apr-02-14 8:37 PM

Doctors shouldn't prescribe the "Big Gun" drugs until less addictive drugs are tried first. Too many oxycontin, oxycodone, and Dalaudid addicts out there do to over medicated. It kills me when I overhear patients in hospitals tell their nurse that they don't want Tylenol with codeine because it won't work and when the nurse asked if they ever tried it they say "no, but it won't work". When they are told they can't have anything stronger until they try the Tylenol they whine and cry "nobody cares about me". The same whine they demonstrate when they can have a dilaudid every 30 mins....... Giving out these strong drugs for just any pain is like shooting a mouse with an elephant gun.

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Apr-02-14 11:37 AM

Do we need more regulation or do we need to start prosecuting doctors who overmedicate their patients? Are you aware that many of the drugs given to heart patients are given to offset the side affects of other drugs? Don't you think doctors should work towards finding medicines for their patients who don't react badly with each other, rather than prescribing more drugs to counteract others? Ten years ago, I read an article stating that more than a half million people in this country die due to neglect on the part of their healthcare provider. Most of these were due to overmedication, or misdiagnosis of medical problems, which results in giving a patient medication for a problem they didn't have.

When you have a patient taking 15 different pills, twice a day, something is very wrong. No wonder most heart patients feel like they're living on death's door after having a heart attack.

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