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Diversification will be slowed by war on coal

June 9, 2014

It has been suggested that President Barack Obama’s war on coal represents an opportunity West Virginians should seiz....

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Jun-18-14 12:50 PM

Same old argument,, "our right to jobs trumps your right to clean air/water".

You are incorrect, neighbor. Unless of course, you would like to personally be responsible for your share of the clean-up costs. Any takers on that? I did not think so.

I have no problem with mining or using coal, as long as it can be kept "clean". Really clean, not like "billboard empty promise" clean. And that can be done, it just costs money.

So what we really have is and argument over If Coal, and Coal using industries, should be held financially responsible for the messes they make and responsible to prevent them in the first place,, or if the tax payers should continue their massive subsidy of the Mooching Coal industry.

A Real Conservative would say to cut them off from public subsidy. So, when you throw around the word Liberal as if it is a curse word, stop and think about who are the real liberals on this issue. Who wants to redistribute you hard earned ca

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Jun-10-14 6:40 AM

I find it ironic that these people are always more than willing to sacrifice another person's job in the name of environmentalism, and then scream like a stuck pig when it turns around and bites them on the ass. Let's see how they react when their electric bill doubles or triples after coal is gone and all the states start going to nuclear power to generate electricity.

Nuclear is wonderfully clean until you have a reactor go critical like it did in Japan, or when we have nuclear waste piled up all over the country and they have no idea what to do with it. The liberals are such idiots. They screamed about alternative power and then started taxing those who installed solar systems because the power companies squealed about those awful people generating their own power and cutting into their bottom line. They just hate buying back the excess power from people who went solar. Such hypocrites.

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Jun-09-14 12:51 PM

Well Intermountain... since you appear to have spoken with these people who believe this idiocy; why not give us their names?

Are they afraid? Let me guess; they're our own democrat officials?!? Right???

We know. We're voting all of them OUT in November. We are not going to tolerate it anymore. Enough said!

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Jun-09-14 11:53 AM

So basically what you're saying is we should kick hundreds of WV coal miners to the curb simply because you don't like coal mining, falling in line with Obama's agenda, of course. Let's hurry and close all the mines so we can in turn close all the coal fired generation plants in WV, not to mention billions in coal exports to other states and countries.

I hope all the miners reading this paper remembers their stance on coal the next time your subscription comes due. This paper should be supporting coal since it is a WV business.

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