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Don’t Expect Huggins to Wear Bright Gold Suit in Near Future


February 4, 2008
MORGANTOWN — In case you’re wondering, Bob Huggins has said he isn’t going to wear that bright gold suit (or was it yellow?) at another game.

“It was a gift,” the West Virginia University men’s basketball coach said of the new outfit he wore for the first time during last Wednesday night’s shocking 62-39 loss to underdog Cincinnati at the Coliseum.

Oh, he might don it again for some occasion, but definitely not for a basketball game that he’s coaching from the bench. He neglected to say whether that’s because the game was so bad that he wouldn’t want it to be a reminder.

Personally, I liked the suit. But I hear that the TV announcers made a big point of talking about it during the telecast. Even some of the fans were heard talking about it as they headed for the exits.

Someone said he changed clothes before meeting with the media for his post-game press conference.

If he did, I didn’t even notice. Perhaps that’s because he spent longer than usual with his players, who said Huggins told them that it was the worst defeat of his highly successful career.

Here’s a guy who has averaged slightly more than 23 victories annually for his previous 25 years of coaching at the collegiate level. Only a handful of active coaches have won more games.

Some already are in basketball’s Hall of Fame, and Huggins eventually will join them in that shrine.


NEW UNIFORMS?: What’s this about WVU planning to order BLACK uniforms with gold-and-blue stripes for basketball?

I don’t know. I’m just asking.

“It was talked about, but I don’t know if it’s the plan,” Huggins said when asked last week. “I did not have anything to do with it. That’s Nike. Yes, the school has something to do with that. I don’t.”

Then he suggested that some people kind of get carried away. That is, they hear something and run with it.

I told Huggins that I thought black might be tinkering with WVU tradition. To which he responded, “I think those grey uniforms are getting away from tradition.”

With that, I certainly second


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