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Pa. man named grand champion of MSFF’s Lumberjack Competition

October 8, 2009
The Inter-Mountain

A Pennsylvania man has been named the grand champion of the Mountain?State Forest Festival's Lumberjack Competition.

With 25 points, Mike Eash of Coatesville, Pa., picked up first place during the competition on Saturday.

Kirt Hall of Webster Springs placed second with 18 points while Jerry Gingras of Errol,?N.H., placed third with 16 points.

In the Chopping category, Matt Cogar placed first in a time of 16.56. Other contestants included Matt Jones (16.78), Mike Eash (17.57), Chris Bradshaw (18.31), David Jewett (22.28), Kirt Hall (24.04), J.P. Mercier (24.35) and Paul Pfenninger (26.29).

In the Jill and Jill Crosscut category, Beverly Wine and Linda Little took first in a time of 6.87. Other contestants included Katy Gingras and Andrea Robarge (7.25), Kristen Friend and Lori Menas (7.43), Brenda Riggs and Michelle Taylor (8.44), and Kristy Cogar and Tricia Jones (9.19).

In the Jack and Jill Crosscut category, J.P. Mercier and Lori Menas took first in a time of 4.50. Other contestants included Kirt Hall and Beverly Wine (4.51), Harry Burnsworth and Linda Little (4.62), Jerry Gingras and Katy Gingras (4.63), Robert Taylor and Brenda Riggs (4.63), Arden?Cogar Jr. and Kristy Cogar (4.69), James Taylor and Michelle Taylor (5.03), and Mark?Jones and Tricia Jones (5.07).

In the Tree Felling category, contestants included Harry?Burnsworth (hit, 24.50), Arden?Cogar Jr. (hit, 27.88), Paul Cogar (hit, 46.12), Kirt Hall (hit, 49.40), Charles Jones (7 inches, 107.28), Matthew Jones (8 inches, 44.80), Mike Eash (10 1/2 inches, 40:09) and James Taylor (11 1.2 inches, 105.43).

In the Axe Throw category, contestants included Mel Lantz, first place; Bill?Cogar, second place; David Jewett, third place; Mike Eash, fourth place; Robert Taylor, fifth place; and J.P. Mercier, sixth place.

In the Two-Person Crosscut category, Mike Eash and Jerry Gingras came in first with a time of 7.09. Other contestants included Chris Bradshaw and Arden?Cogar Jr. (7.25), Paul Pfenninger and Wally Robarge (7.53), James Taylor and Robert Taylor (7.65), David Jewett and J.P. Mercier (7.78), Harry Burnsworth and Kirt Hall (8.11), Mark Jones and Matt Jones (8.75), and Paul Cogar and Mel Lentz (8.97).

In the Chainsaw category, Jerry Gingras came in first with a time of 3.82. Other contestants included Kirt Hall (4.22), Brent Combs (4.28), Paul Pfenninger (4.31), Mike Eash (4.65), Larry Combs (4.68), Paul Cogar (4.75) and Matt Cogar (4.78).

In the Springboard event, David Jewett came in first with a time of 54.19. Other contestants included Mel Lantz (58.75), J.P. Mercier (1:05.97), Matt?Cogar (1:07.48), Wally Robarge (1:11.75), Paul Pfenninger (1:17.47), Arden?Cogar Jr. (1:18.11) and Mike Eash (1:24.72).

The winner of the North American hard hitting Championship was Arden Cogar with 14 hits in a time of 44:23. Other contestants included Matt Cogar (16 hits, 54:65), Mel Lantz (16 hits, 1:02.97), Chris Bradshaw (17 hits, 41.43), Mike Eash (18 hits, 48.3), Harry Burnsworth (20 hits, 46.33), Paul Cogar (21 hits, 1:05) and Dave Jewett (26 hits, 1:08.56).



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