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This and that and Merry Christmas to everyone

December 19, 2009

Please pull up a chair and pour a cup of coffee, I've really been wanting to just chat with you.

So many of you have asked questions about Dainelle Bartlett. She is the little girl from Richwood who had a brain tumor and desired to receive cards. Yes, you read that correctly. She "had" a brain tumor. It is now gone and she is cancer free! Isn't that awesome?

And yes, she received the 1,000 cards she wanted. Actually, she received 45,000 cards. Yes, you read that correctly, too. Her story is amazing indeed. She is donating lots and lots of toys and gifts she received to the West Virginia University Children's Hospital. She was also named Children's Miracle Network Child of the Year, and will be traveling to the White House to meet the president. Then, she will have an all-expense-paid trip to Disney World.

Thank you to all of you who sent cards and gifts to Dainelle, but especially thank you for praying for this young girl and her mom and dad. Thanks also for putting her on your church prayer lists. Currently, I am writing an article about her for Woman's World magazine. I will let you know the date of publication in the near future.

Now, if we were sitting at a table drinking coffee, I would freshen your coffee cup, cut you a slice of pie and talk mountain lions.

Oh yes, the mountain lion: Lilly and her precocious cubs. I have had too many calls to count and tons of inquiries concerning them. They have created quite a stir and not only in our home. There have been many reports of mountain lion sightings. However, since the very day we were given the "Husky" watch dog, Sky, Lilly disappeared.

If you remember, she marked her territory twice with lion um ... doo. But now, except for Sky ... our faithful watchdog ... throwing fits for a couple of weeks during the night, there have been no sightings, signs or evidence of her coming back. Am I relieved? Oh yeah, you could say that.

By the way, The West Virginia Sportsman magazine is featuring my articles on Lilly, the diva lion this next month. They featured the Abbagoochie article this past month. Ha! Never, did I think I'd be writing for a Sportsmen magazine. Amazing how life takes twists you never imagined.

OK, I know I'm bouncing around here, but we haven't "chatted" in awhile. Now, if you were at my table and putting on your coat to leave, I would want to give you a Christmas present: maybe a fresh loaf of bread, an ornament for your tree, or possibly a box of chocolates. But, since we are newspaper friends, I will give you a prayer: Lord, bless my dear friend, this reader. Let your face shine upon them and give them peace today. Lord, I ask that you make the crooked places straight in their life and the bumpy places smooth. Please give comfort, hope, and strength to all who need it. Lord, please wrap your arms around this dear one and let them know you love them. Please give them the greatest gift of all time: your Son. In Jesus name, Amen. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my home to yours.

(Kimberly Short Wolfe, MA, is a homeschool mom and the grief counselor and chaplain for Mountain Hospice. Contact: e-mail:,, or call: 304-823-3922, ext. 136.)



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