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Cole eyes 48th District House seat

February 19, 2010
The Inter-Mountain

Phyllis M. Cole, a Republican, is seeking election to represent the 48th District in the West Virginia House of Delegates.

Cole said she is running for the seat because she does not think her district is getting the representation it deserves, nor is it receiving its fair share of funding and assistance.

"I will not run a negative campaign and trust my opponent will do the same, but I do intend to point out why I will be more effective than what we have had for the last 20 years in the 48th Delegate District," she said.

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"These are tough times; people are hurting. They are without jobs and their personal well-being is threatened by a number of situations," Cole said. "Being a delegate is more than voting on an issue then walking away saying, 'I did my part and there is nothing more I can do.' I will not only assist people searching for jobs, get potholes fixed and roads paved, but also work to affect policy change such as health care reform and protecting retirement benefits."

Cole said she has the ability and experience to put together major projects, work with multiple agencies and across party lines.

"Where there are issues, it is necessary to bring the agencies or parties together and assist them in reaching a workable solution. I have 10 years experience with city/county projects and I know how to get things done. It takes persistence, perseverance and leadership," she said.

As a result of her service in Gov. Cecil Underwood's office where she was the point of contact for the Legislature and city/county governments, Cole said she was contacted almost daily by people requesting assistance with workers' compensation, health care issues, water line extensions and road issues, to name a few.

"As a result of my experience, I personally know my local elected officials, the governor, all three of our congressional representatives and both U.S. senators. What is most important, I know their staffers and have developed relationships with all of our state agencies. I have a proven track record," she said.

"Important decisions must be addressed by the Legislature now and in the future. Our state retirement benefits are threatened, health care costs are rising and people on fixed incomes are going to be burdened with additional costs. It is not enough to vote no on the budget, or no on a bill that violates our freedom, or raises our taxes. We need a delegate who will have a strong voice in these tough times to lead a charge to affect the changes we need," she said.

"More and more of our freedoms are being taken away: the freedom to have prayer in schools, the freedom to post the Ten Commandments, the right to life for young and old, and the freedom to bear arms, freedoms this country was founded upon. We cannot continue to sit back and let these freedoms be destroyed. In order for the federal government to gain more control, most of the entitlements being handed out today as 'stimulus' dollars are given with strings attached. This not only takes away our rights, it raises our taxes. We, as West Virginians, need to get our fair share of the federal programs without having to sell our souls. I am willing to lead the charge," she said.

"I promise as your delegate, I will give you the representation you deserve and be a strong voice in tough times for the 48th Delegate District."



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