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Work and Play

April 10, 2010

It has been a long, long winter and boy have we been busy working hard on various photographic projects. First we got new cameras for Christmas and we have read the manual and know all things about it. We have cleaned out the closet and got rid of all the old camera stuff lying around so we can concentrate on the new toys. We have put all the old family videos on DVD and made copies of the family photos.

We've worked very hard all winter, the snow is gone and now it's time to go outside and play. Grab that new camera and let's go take some pictures. So, what are we going to take pictures of? Anything you want.

Since we are going out to play I've got a few ideas for photo games you can play by yourself or with friends. The alphabet game is fun for groups. Everyone takes their cameras and goes on a photographic scavenger hunt. The idea is to photograph something that starts with the letter A and work your way through the alphabet to Z.

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You might also get a group together and have everyone go out and try to photograph something in an unusual way or odd angle and see if your friends can identify what it was you photographed. If you don't happen to have a group to work with you might challenge yourself to photograph something that you have never shot before or to take something that you regularly photograph and shoot it from a different angle or in a different light.

If you want to give yourself a real challenge you could try doing a self portrait everyday for a period of time. The longer you go the more difficult it gets. You will be amazed at how hard it is to come up with a different way to shoot the same thing but you might also be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Go ahead, go out and have fun and when you are done you won't realize that you have also been working on becoming a better photographer by stretching your imagination and improving your techniques and skills.

(Brent Kepner is the owner and photographer at Foto 1 Pro Photo in Elkins. He is a Master Photographer as well as a Certified Professional.)



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