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Tea party is part of the problem with economy

August 20, 2011
The Inter-Mountain


While I don't always agree with Senator Rockefeller, I do agree that the tea party is in part a problem that has thrown our economy in a tailspin.

All one has to do is review what has occurred since they say they were anointed by the electorate in 2010.

They have taken a position in which they truly believe they, and only they, are correct and totally refuse to even consider any form of compromise. There is not only no area of compromise, let alone any attempt to offer conciliatory requests.

Their assertion is that all actions by the opposing party were done in the dark of night and behind closed doors. This is not totally and factually true. They were not left out of anything; they opted not to want to participate in meaningful participation. They said it is our way or the highway.

Our president has been faced with a horrendous economic situation not all by his making.

He has been doing what he and others believe is in the best interests of the nation as a whole. The other party is in part responsible for the economic conditions found by our president.

Now they say we, and only we, are capable of turning this economy around. To date, the GOP has not offered a single jobs bill in the house but sure has offered a lot of nefarious bills on other pet peeves they have. They claim to want to shut down big government, far from that some talk of secession outright anarchy.

When the people finally see this movement for what it is, they may just wise up and we will have another swing toward the center and these holier than thou will be left at home wondering what happened. The people of the United States will see just what is being offered and what that will entail in way of sacrifice.

There is an attempt by the administration to cut back the national debt. It will not happen overnight or even this year or the next. There is no magic bullet.

Getting rid of Obama is not the answer to all there conceived problems. There is a need to work with the president and his party not an attempt to destroy everything we hold near and dear. God bless the United States and all its people.

Richard Cardot




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