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Playing the blame game

September 17, 2011
The Inter-Mountain


Here is an idea for a liberal's jobs bill.

Unionize all public and private workers, create more holidays, and ban work on weekends and birthdays.

Hire more liberals to get the welfare people out to vote.

Hire more liberals to blame Bush when labor costs force jobs overseas.

Ban fossil fuels to create jobs in Arab countries and then hire committees to blame past President Bush for sky-rocketing gas prices and the cost of electricity.

Organize protesters for gas wells, coal mines, stone quarries, and four-land highways.

Hire consulting firm to convince protesters to distort the truth with a smile.

Hire lawyers to hid millions of dollars in donations made by the National Association of Trial Lawyers to Barack Hussein Obama.

Hire consulting firm to get early start on training the news media to trash any conservative threatening Barack Hussein Obama's regime.

Hire a company to come up with a new slogan and train news media to use it, some say blaming Bush has become ineffective.

Hire more people to trash Fox News, and destroy those damaging videos and recordings caught on tape.

Hire someone smart enough to debate Rush Limbaugh.

Hire law firm to change names of liberal groups that become too obvious in their real agenda.

Hire ACORN (which name has been since changed) to find more dead people to vote in West Virginia.

Hire smart liberals to do a better job of hiding communists in current regime. One businessman in the administration is enough.

Hire someone smart enough to get the illegal immigrants signed up for entitlements in exchange for their vote.

Hire more lawyers to obtain American Civil Rights for terrorists.

Hire consulting firm to hide Al Gore.

Cut defense spending - the Muslims will like us better.

Hire Staff to promote the word "infidel" pertaining to anyone other than a liberal- Muslims will like us better.

Hire company to rewrite dictionary with the word "marriage" at the top of the list.

Hire staff to promote affirmative action for ugly people.

Hire staff to show more discretion in bashing job creators.

Hire staff to consul with the very intelligent to hide the very stupid things they do, at least until the liberal news media can put their spin on it.

Hire staff to promote more discretion in taking our freedoms away at a slower pace so people won't notice.

Hire staff to discredit common sense and teach that the Declaration of Independence is obsolete.

Hire lawyers to change name of California bailout so tax payers won't see it coming.

Hire staff to organize bailout for the U.S. Postal Service and change the word "bailout," but as top priority hide reports of labor costs reaching 80 percent.

Hire lawyers to camouflage shovel-ready jobs promise, (some still remember).

Hire lawyers to convince infidels that another speech is all we need.

Randall McCauley




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