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Fire fee vote defeat was disappointment

October 8, 2011
The Inter-Mountain


I am from Barbour County, Belington, and I just do not understand why the good people would not want to pay the fire fee for these dedicated men who are there at a moment's call when someone's house is on fire or there is a car accident.

I understand that for the resident it would be $40 a year and for a place of business it would be $80 dollars a year. Is not your home or business worth this much to you?

These firemen leave their nice, warm beds in the middle of the night to answer a fire call or they get up from a family dinner for a call. It shouldn't even have to be put on the ballot to be voted on. We should pay this fee with a smile on our faces.

Maybe it should be put this way: Keep a list of everyone who is willing to pay this fee and the ones who do not want to. If your name is on the paid list and your house catches on fire, then you can expect help to come your way. If your name is not on the paid list ... well, you finish the sentence.

Susan L. Evans




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