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Make sure the lights are on and someone’s home

October 29, 2011
The Inter-Mountain


I bought a used car from a used car dealer in Elkins a few months ago for my wife. She really liked the new purchase and we were happy for about the first month until we started having numerous problems with sensors which cost several hundreds of dollars to repair with the latest repair being $500.

Now here is the word to the wise.

When you buy a used vehicle there are many things to look for. But here is one simple thing to be very aware of.

When you turn on the switch, make sure the "Check Engine Light" comes on and when started make sure it goes off. If it does not come on, the bulb is burned out or, like in my case, someone removed it intentionally. This light comes on for a reason. Do not let the dealer sell you a car with this light staying on or if it does not come on when the switch is in the on position. It can be a big problem later.

Of all the cars I have purchased over my lifetime I do not think I ever thought to see if the light came on when the switch was in the "on" position. You can bet I will not let this simple thing slip by me again. So far this has cost me over $1,000. It is not the car's fault; it is the fault of the prior owners and the dealer for not doing the proper maintenance and proper checks.

So dear reader, beware of who you buy from, and make sure you have the car checked out before you purchase. I hope this helps someone else with this sort of problem so they can avoid the same mistake I made.

David Martin




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