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Veterans Day: A day not to be forgotten

November 11, 2011
The Inter-Mountain

EDITORS?NOTE: In Observence of Veteran's Day, Mrs. Higgins sixth grade english class at Elkins Middle School wrote letters explaining what Veteran's Day meant to them.


What caused Veterans Day to be a national holiday? What do you do to celebrate Veterans Day? What does the holiday Veterans Day mean to me? More than likely the average sixth grader could not answer any of these questions. I'm sure many people do not respect or fully understand the importance of the holiday. I never really knew anything about it except we have no school. I am writing this to lessen the amount of American citizens that just sit around watching television and not even give Veterans Day a small thought. Hopefully by the end of this essay you will be more aware of the resasons we recognize this day. I'm hoping our generations and the many more to come will all know about the important and historic holiday.

What happenings occured to make Veterans Day a nationwide holiday? This question is quite difficult to answer because many happened! It all started during the dark times of WWI. The United States of America and Germany both where running short on supplies and men. So Germany and USA signes an armistice or peace treaty on the 11th hour on the 11th day in the 11th month. To celebrate the war being over they madea holduay called Armistice Day. Years later the president changed the name to Veterans Day to celebrate all veterans andnot just WWI vets. Now it is celebrated as a national holiday and most people get a three day weekends. One question down and two more to go!

What are some ways to celebrate Veterans Day? There are many ways people could do it. A simple way may be sending a thank you card to veterans in your area. Or you could go as afar as inviting Veterans over for dinner. If it is so easy to be invloved it is pretty ridiculous for people not to. My family does not usually celebrate, but this year I am going to try. We will probably just thank local vets as we see them. You see it really does not even matter how you celebrate, just because you did. One more question to answer, we are on a roll!

Veterans Day means what to me? Veterans Day is more than just a day off of school for me. I am very thankful and grateful of all veterans. The thought of peopel fighting to keep me free is incredible in my opinion. In school every day we learn about wars and such. Most people do not think about all the people who died, but I do. Most people do not take to mind of all the widows, widowers and children without their parents, but I do. Only if citizens honored people of the bravery and heroism they performed. Our country would be mroe at peace and probably society would think more about koining our armed forces.

In conclusion Veterans Day is a very peaceful and vital hiliday. The reason they inveted Veterans Day was orginially supposed to celebrate the ending of WWI. There are many ways to celebrate Veterans Day. For example just thanking a local veterans would count. I think Veterans Day is more than a day off school. It is a day to celebrate the verterans and to mourn the ones who died trying. I thank you very much for taking time to read this article. Hopefully, now you are informed and motivated to celebrate and get involved in Veterans Day!

Madison Bowes



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