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Family appreciates thoughts, prayers for son

December 24, 2011
The Inter-Mountain



We cannot really thank you enough for your prayers and words of comfort you have said to and for us on the tragic loss of our son. We want to express to all of our wonderful longtime friends and Eston's friends for their prayers, love, comforting words, food, cards, Facebook posts and especially for their generosity.

A special "thank you" list of people will encompass several people and hopefully I won't miss anyone. If we do, please know it wasn't intentional.

Thank you to all of the close friends of Eston at B-U High for wearing a "Stop Bullying" shirt to school to help you express your grief; all that stood out in the cold to help Rainee collect signatures for a petition to Stop Bullying; Taylor for getting the bracelets with Eston's name on them with his date of birth and death; and Michael McLain of Williamstown and his wife for their generosity.

A big thank you to the FBI in Clarksburg and the UPS in Elkins for their cards, words of comfort and generosity and to the B-U High School Student council, faculty members and students for their huge generosity, cards, the beautiful posters and the many statements made to and about Eston in the huge book. The cards received from all over the world were very comforting to Joyce and me.

We cried when we read the Facebook posting from the young adults and parents throughout the United States expressing their condolences and offering up prayers. We were saddened by the stories of past and present bullying against B-U High students and other schools throughout the U.S. The stories of the tragic loss of life due to bullying showed us that we are in a club we did not want to join, but were thrust into it by our son's death.

Thank you Travis and the Glenville State College for expeditiously creating "Project Eston," a program you wanted to create to help teach anti-bullying from the middle schools through high school. Your several trips to Charleston to talk to our representatives about their constitutional duty to make stiffer rules and punishment for all persons who want to continue to be a bully will not go unrewarded, I am sure.

We want to thank the lovely people of our Sand Run Baptist Church and the deacons for their prayers, visits, food and enormous gift. All the churches in the local area have been so kind with their calls, cards and generosity. Another thank you to all of Eston's teachers at B-U and Belington who have visited us, hugged us and expressed their love for Eston and reminded us of all the kindness Eston always showed toward everyone who needed help. We also want to include the PTO at Union Elementary to the Belington Elementary, French Creek for your cards of kindness and your generosity.

Thank you to the stores that donated their time and equipment to honor our son with signs, stickers and T-shirts really helped to get the word out to the community. Thank you Jack Logar, Channel 12 and Channel 5 for your media coverage of Eston, Project Eston and Eston's Promise and Bullying. To the ladies who worked, set up and monitored the Saturday night's event in Philippi, we love you. The time you also spent in helping throughout the event was appreciated, Wendi. The CD Bradley made was very touching and was loved by all present. The gifts from Heather for the silent auction were lovely and appreciated. The laughter in the room and smiles on all the faces helped Joyce and me to have a moment of freedom from depression and we thank you.

Patrick and Matthew, we are glad you found our son and yet we are so sorry for your pain. I know that view of Eston can never be erased from your minds or ease the pain you felt standing guard over our son until the authority came to your aid. Remember him as he was, your funny brother and cousin who you spent a lot of time with playing ball and riding motor bikes.

To the Rev. Charles Don Butcher, a God sent for anyone and everyone, we especially want to thank you for the beautiful service and your many visits and calls to the house offering up prayers of comfort and renewing of our spirits. Deacon Roger Oats, Grace and now Deacon Sherman Baxa, Carol Ann, thank you for your visits, prayers and gifts.

A thank you to Justin, Brandon, Khiem, Dylan, Jackie and Isaac for being his "brothers" and cohorts in crime. The walls are still vibrating from your music. The fun and laughter of you all helped make a cold wooden house into a warm home. You all are our second kids and we love you. Joanna Moore, a longtime friend of Joyce's and mine from Maryland, we thank you for the time you spent with us the weekend before our son's death and after his death. Your calls to Joyce weekly have always been treasured by us.

Sister Joni Tingle and brother Pastor Mitch Nelson thank you for your calls and prayers. Mary's Greenhouse for the beautiful spray and the Heavner & Cutright Funeral Chapel for your services, thank you both. Thank you Premier Bank employees for your help. You all did a wonderful thing for the family. To everyone who came and showed their love, we want to extend our deepest gratitude.

To our kids and grandchildren, we know you are hurting because of the loss of your brother and uncle, respectively and we can only hug you and say we love you. We can't take away the pain in your heart nor dry your tears, but we have and will always love you as we loved our son, Eston.

Our family was blessed to have Eston in our life, even for a short time. We thank the Lord for the time he has given us with him.

God be with you until his second coming to take us home.

The parents of

Eston William Nelson II




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