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A resolution to be prepared

January 10, 2012
The Inter-Mountain

Throughout the day Monday, several people were asking if the area would be hit with a snowstorm later in the week. Everyone had heard conflicting weather reports, and regardless they were still considering what they should do to get ready if several inches of snow would be coming our way.

It seems common that people only begin preparing for disaster when they hear a warning to take cover. However, everyone needs to keep in mind that adverse conditions that can impede your daily routine can happen at any time for various reasons. For example, it doesn't take a major storm to knock out your power. Consider some of the transformer issues we've had in Randolph County in the past few months. In addition, even if you expect something to happen, it can turn out to be much worse. Does anyone remember the December snowstorm in 2009?

That's exactly why the Federal Emergency Management Agency is encouraging all Americans to "Resolve to be Ready" in the new year and take a few simple steps to prepare for emergencies.

FEMA's website offers multiple suggestions and scenarios. Among the most basic is how to prepare an emergency kit. According to the site, each family's needs will vary depending on age and medical requirements; however, certain items are essential, including:

The site offers other listings that are helpful in assembling a kit and other supplies. What's most important is to put the suggestions into action and "Resolve to be Ready."

As to whether the snowstorm is coming, predictions still vary. It's best though to play it safe and be prepared.



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